New Glitch?

I worked really hard last month and this one to regain my Killer rank in ranked.

I know I played matches this month (Jan 2023), and yet the game reset my killer rank back to gold AGAIN.

I’m about done with KI. Regaining rank is always a grind, and doing so with a low tier character like Cinder is even more frustrating (still trying to figure out who to main instead of Cinder).

Has anyone else encountered a glitch where it just resets you to gold regardless of whether you played matches? Because I’ve noticed a number of gold star players (like lots of stars, around in the 30s on one) who I’m certain a day earlier were also Killer rank.


It’s a known glitch. I think we all went to Gold.

Also while Cinder does have some hard matchups, most tourney players place him in between A or B tier. I would never say he is low tier, but he is difficult to use.

Outside of Hot Shot, you’re the best Cinder I know. :grin:

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Yeah, I made that post before they told us about the update that accidentally sent us all back to gold.

The thing is, Cinder’s tools sound strong, but in practical usage, his moves are generally weaker forms of moves already in the game. If it tells you anything, his invincible reversal move, fireflash, can trade to normals, and usually they tend to be trades where he’s at the disadvantage and the opponent recovers sooner than him. In those instances I just consider those as straight wins for the opponent.

He sounds strong. Playing against him is one type of ride, playing as him is a much different one.

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