New glitch for gargos discovered ! + Season 3 tec video ( Gargos ,riptor ,rash ,aganos ,omen ,tusk)

To preform this normal you need to be in the corner . Instinct cancel after the grab into QC F HK and gargos should do this normal . It only hits once and the second hit always misses on block .

That looks like HP Double (cr.HP animation whiffs).

Why on earth would a qcf.HK elicit a HP animation though? Unless it’s somehow a holdover from your double press of HP+HK for instinct.

Could be a place holder move for the boss variation , idk

Gargos only has one auto double animation for each strength. Like TJ, Rash, and Arbiter. It looks like it’s just doing a heavy auto double where the first hit whiffs.

@deltarayquaza sick Riptor and Omen tech, btw

Doh! I hadn’t realized. My goof.
Still sorta weird with the half-whiff though.

Could be the advantage ender behaving as a sort of “knockdown”?

Possibly. It reminds of a wall splat that is instinct cancelled, but the second wall splat doesn’t trigger a blow out. It’s weird.

Thanks man . Did not notice the auto double animation before for gargos , its a goof on my end