New Gamemodes - I have a few rough ideas, anyone else have any ideas

Now Killer Instinct is a game is love, It’s gameplay well there is nothing I would change. One thing I have always thought about is what game modes could they add to make the game a little more enjoyable to play with friends, or modes that are better for the casual player.

Idea #1

  • I’ve seen this idea mentioned before, not one of my favourite ideas but I would still love to see it, some form of tag team play. I’m unsure of how the could integrate it in terms of controls but it would be really interesting experimenting with different matchups.

Idea #2

  • A multiplayer mode they could have along side ranked and lobby mode is a mode that you are placed into a lobby with a number of other players and then put into a small scale tournament bracket, games would go one by one and other players would spectate just like lobby mode until obviously the best two players are against each other, it would be nothing competitive just a non ranked mode (unless any one has any cool suggestions) In a way this is just a re-decoration of lobby mode but I feel like it would have a completely different feel. another idea for this mode could be the player who ends up winning in there mini-tournament will then be put back into player searching and placed into a lobby with other places who have won in their previous bracket, and so on collecting wins to their name and gradually being placed in more difficult brackets, they could re-set tournament wins daily so everyone starts at the bottom again (but perhaps have a stat that keeps track tournament of wins) I think this mode would be an interesting way for players of all levels to find good competition.

Idea #3

-This is also an alteration on an existing mode, survival. I think it would be fun to have a multiplayer version. My idea is both players are in separate games, the mode would start off with single health bar opponents being sent in succession to kill the player, the twist is, after killing a certain number of enemies say 10 the enemies attacking your opponent would increase in difficulty (or damage perhaps would increase), so the quicker you kill the harder time your opponent has. to keep the mode going for longer every kill could give 10% health back.

I know some of these ideas may seem a bit silly, but they are only rough ideas, I would love for any changes that could improve my ideas. I also want to hear other peoples ideas to see if we can come up with any ideas that are good, and are not entirely unreasonable to integrate into a fighting game.