New Game Reviews!

Ok so I’ve bought a few new games in the last couple weeks and I wanted to share my thoughts on them. I figured we can have a thread that isn’t dedicated to just 1 game review, but for multiple. We can share our thoughts on the same game or it can be a place where you can make a decision if you want to try out a game or not based off other forum friends reviews on said game.
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Please no arguing and no off topic comments.

*** Middle Earth -Shadows of War** - Wow! What an amazing game! Its no secret I love this game as I have streamed 10 episodes of my current play through. The game is so deep, it has the same base as Shadow of Mordor but adds so much more. Gear, gear upgrade challenges, siege battles, new weapons, new skills, and so much more. the Orc battles are just so much fun and the game it self isnt too difficult. Its just tough enough to stay challenging yet not get you stumped and frustrated like some games can do.
The graphics are spectacular and I cant wait to see it in native 4K on the XB1X. The Nemesis forge carry over from SoMordor is really cool too. If you have SoMordor make sure to play through the Nemesis forge to set up your Main Nemesis and Main Follower to transfer over to SoWar. Even if you haven’t beaten SoMOrdor it will randomly create you a nemesis and follower. Just start up the forge and that’s it! You dont have to do anything else. (Dont kill your nemesis in the forge like i did! derrp!)
My opinion…Multi-platform Game of the Year!

*** Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus**… holy cow this game isnt playing around! Right out the gate it swings for the fences! ( I need to post my Xbox clip on here from my first segment of the game…wow!) Get this game! If you have New Order and Old Blood you will not be disappointed! Now I havent gotten far… as Ive only played it one night…and its tough too…I’m stumped on a section with little health and 1 shot and you are dead! The story is very rough, gruesome and fro a mature audience… no kids aloud on this game!

*** Assassins Creed Origins**- Well I’ve been playing ■■■ Creed Syndicate all week and its such an amazing game once you get the hand of the ■■■ Creed controls. Unfortunately Origins changes the entire control scheme, combat, and over all play style. Its like a mix between Dark Souls and ■■■ Creed in the combat. ( RB fro light attack and RT for heavy attack. LB fro Shield and parry) The Eagles controls are wonky too and the game feels very glitchy. ( My experience with all AssCreed games have felt glitchy)
The voice acting isnt great… it feels very fake too me. Where Syndicate really nailed the London/ steampunk era… Origins almost sound comical to me. And your companion at the beginning will not stop repeating the same phrase over and over…"You are like a turtle! You are too slow!"
I also cant stand how when you Stealth attack someone it goes into this slow motion attack you cant turn off or control…not that I know of anyway.
I haven’t gotten too far into the game but what I played for about 2 hours did not leave me wanting more. I will return to the game once I finish Syndicate and get an XB1X…maybe then it will feel better…but for now I cant not play both at the same time.


I am hoping that the new asscreed goes on sale for Xmas time. I will buy it then, or I might wait for the GoTY to come out for it.

I waiting on the new Star Wars battlefront game. I loved the demo. The space battles we’re SO Beautiful. I also can’t wait to play the campaign mode.

Now Shadows of War is a great game, but there is not much to do after the story is finished. It looks like the after story part of the game was made just to get people to spend money on loot boxes to make their bases better.

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I’d play that game. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I am waiting on the special “brown eye” edition :laughing:


Im warming up to ASSCreed origins but at first after playing Syndicate all week… Origins was a let down combat wise.

I loved the story of the first Acreed. Then when they started jumping around and losing the orginal story is when I stopped playing. I was thinking that each one would be a step forward in time, not back and forth. I am not talking about the machine you get into, but the time line of the game. His family is all over the place.

It always sucks when you go from playing a great game to one that is just OK.

Honestly, I kinda like new combat system because it’s very challenging and fun. You will used to it if you practice.

it doesnt suck at all…but being that Im deep in to Syndicate and the buttons 100% changed for everything you do… thats just odd to me.

to me the button scheme and combat for Syndicate is more challenging and exciting.

im playing total war 2 warhammer. they released the mortal empires patch and omfg it is a massive map loaded with factions to ally and kill. atm, i am playing Chaos again, i have my 2 war hosts running a tour across the countryside starting rebellions and spreading demonic corruption. i also love the dark elves, theyre elegant sadistic murderous fuckkers, and fun to use in the battlefield

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