New Fulgore Cosplay! :D

I got a say, this looks so cool so far! One slight little nitpick I have is that I kind of think the eyes should have more of a squint or a glare, but that could just be due to the limitations of the material. That said, though, this is awesome! I would LOVE to see more like this.


This one was from 1996:


my bro is so confused. and yet impressed.

That first cosplay is quality work! The lighting really does it.

Definitely! I’d love to see more done with the human characters

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I LOVE this costume. Easily the best Fulgore cosplay I’ve ever seen. One little nitpick I have are the thickness of the face pipes along with the way they sort of loop upward in the air; I’d have probably gone for a smaller type imo to give more prominence to the scary-looking eyes, maybe built up the neck more to give it more of that hooded collar-like Cylon look like in the game and hide the fact that it’s a helmet. The piping looping up in the air like that seems a little awkward imo. Then again, considering the amount of time and money he had put into building this thing, which definitely could NOT have been easy at all, I have to pay mad respect for the attempt. It is a very impressive costume.