New Fighters in KI2 Classic? It Could've Happened!

Hey KI Community!

It’s been a while since I’ve made a new topic here, but I saw the following Code Mystics interview from Killer Instinct Central (check out the full thing here), and something really caught my interest:

“KIC: Did you all ever consider doing full HD remakes of the games? Or were they always meant to be ports to capture their original incarnations?

Jeff (Code Mystics): We’ve toyed with the idea of doing something more modern, but we kept going back to the same thought: the full HD remake was Double Helix/Iron Galaxy’s territory. The point of KI Classic was to celebrate the classics. We’d pitched a few ideas for Season 3 bonus content, though, but it was more along the lines of newer characters (like putting Battletoads in the classic 2D engine), tournament play, and/or crossing over the KI1 and KI2 roster in an enhanced version of KI Gold. Fortunately we were able to bring KI Gold to Xbox One via Rare Replay.”

How cool would’ve it been to see Rash, Sadira, Riptor, Cinder, Thunder, Aganos, Kan-Ran, ARIA and Hisako playable in KI2? (Very cool!) I can only assume that the KI Team has something special in mind for Season 3’s bonus content, but until we hear about it, why not speculate about how cool it would be to take down Gargos as Riptor, or smack down Tusk as Rash?

I wonder why this isn’t going to happen… Either way, it’s a fun thing to think about! Happy weekend everyone! :yum:



Hm, we really don’t know whether Code Mystics is involved with any season 3-related work, do we? I haven’t read the interview you grabbed that excerpt from, so for all I know maybe they confirmed they’re done.

I won’t lie, the idea of reuniting the cast from all the games in a classic KI engine and fleshing out its mechanics has some appeal. There are some die-hards for the old combo system around here, if you took some of the streamlining from new KI (e.g. to break a given strength, press punch+kick of that strength; to execute a shadow move, double up on the punch/kick inputs rather than inputting a billion directions) I could see taking an interest in that. I guess I’d hope for a sort of “best-of” mechanical cross-over between the games, since for example, I think the pressure was better in KI2, but the breaking punches vs kicks instead of various strengths was worse.