New Elite controller and Razer Ultimate

I heard a new and improved Xbox Elite controller might come out pretty soon. Has this been confirmed? Anyone knows?

Also, anyone on this board who has tried or owns the Razer Wolverine Ultimate controller? Any impressions to share?


That Controller was Expensive !!! :scream:

What does it do that a standard pad doesn’t ?

Hopefully not break as often :wink:

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That is a big plus… :+1:

I once owned an elite controller and it took some getting used to. It’s weighter than the standard Xbox controllers and can feel very awkward with the grip paddles at first. Once you get used to it? Pretty nice I gotta say. Problem with mine (and others, I’ve heard) was that the textured grips became loose from the controller base. Downhill from there.

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I have had trouble with my Elite controllers RB going out twice on me. Now not only is the rubber grip coming off of my controller the down button on my DPad is busted.

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Generally the Elite is much sturdier than the traditional pad. For me, button presses and analog stick movement is a lot more precise. Before the Elite, I was going through controllers ever 3 to 6 mo. After the Elite, it generally lasts a year or so. I also got the extended warranty via Best Buy so I can turn mine in and replace it for just $20 dollars.

The biggest advantage is customization. You literally have unlimited options in terms of customizing your buttons.

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I would say the standard pad lasts longer than an Elite. I had an elite but in a year, the rubber grips came off and the RB button broke. My controller that came with the Xbox One X is still pretty solid and functional. For fighting games, I do not recommend the elite controller.

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As always Fighting Games are better with a Trusty Stick… I reckon they can handle a the furious Mashing better than any controller can.

Ugh, RB breaking is still a thing even on the Elite models? These things should really be built to last for the price they ask.

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Anyone familiar with the Razer Ultimate Wolverine?

And what exactly is the Elite controller project Washburn? Is that the white version of the Elite controller??

Have you had any luck in choosing a new controller @BoJima404 ?

No, not yet. I thought that a new version of the Elite controller would come out soon so I am waiting for that one. But I saw a white version of the original Elite being advertised so now I am confused if the only difference is the color or whether we can expect a real successor to the Elite controller…

I’m with you on that. After my initial experience with the Elite controller I am a bit gun shy about dropping a lot of money on a controller again.

But this malfunctioning down button on my current Elite controller is getting on my last nerve especially when trying to play KI.