New Costumes and Colors

I feel we should get more costumes and colors over 9 i think 15 should be max and add more costumes for everyone maybe 3 for each character.


In the long run, it’s probably a good idea. The new level caps and colors that came with the Aganos patch gave me a reason to go back and play characters I had already maxed out and therefore felt less inclined to play (to the point where I hit 50 across all characters on that last double XP weekend). Plus, it gives people more goodies for playing with their mains, allowing them to reach new heights/bragging rights.
I for one hope that in order to unlock this new plethora of colors, S3 should come with a substantial boost to level cap. New colors, new accessories, new outfits, KI2 music for training mode, all sorts of goodies.
I think a boost to Player level up to 100 for things like KI2 music and bonus retro concept art or something, and maybe up to 70 for character levels (don’t want to go TOO nuts. Remember the grind to 30 and 50?) for the new colors and dress up options.

TL;DR- I concur.


Great post i think they should definitely add more stuff to make everyone feel somewhat different to their main characters and such.

I agree with you guys. I’d like to see more costumes and colors and maybe do some for the classic versions as well.

Also: I want that sports car red Fulgore still. Still waitin’ on it!

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yeah i really want more customizable things for the characters it would be good

I still would love to see a Werewolf colored Sabrewulf!


Just keep the saturation on those browns way down so it doesn’t look orange.