New Costume for Arbiter

When the Brute Atriox from Halo Wars 2 gets added to Killer Instinct in the upcoming Season 4 his comrade, the Elite known as Shipmaster, should have his armor added to The Arbiter’s Accessories.


Sure that would be a cool outfit but they’d have a large selection of armors for him to have like the general armor from halo reach or the council armor from halo 2.

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We have an outfit similar to that already, just needs a color scheme to fit it.

In the Halo Wars 2 Community he is nicknamed “Space Pope.” He is stealthy, has cloaking abilities, and can teleport units around. KI needs Space Pope.

Space pope also has the ability to teleport his opponents units out of the map, where they can never be used again.

(Halo wars 2 is a very buggy game.)

Not as buggy as ShinSako.

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Yes ‘season 4’ should be costumes costumes costumes and shadow slots and ultimates

wow, this posts takes a lot of swings in the dark

KI really needs alternate costumes.

KI really needs more alternate Hisakos


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