New Consumables and Artifacts in 3.6!

With the release of 3.6 we have also added new consumables and artifacts!

3 New Artifacts
• Corroded Tiger Talisman: Melee Attacks deal 15% Potential Damage
• Rusty Tiger Talisman: Melee Attacks deal 25% Potential Damage
• Pristine Mummy Talisman: Automatically deal damage to the opponent over time

  • One top secret artifact (mask of something or other) :smirk:

4 New Consumables
• Re-Fibrillator: Resets KV meter. Can be used twice.
• Potion of Luck: Grants a random Rare Consumable
• ElixirOfGreaterLuck: Grants a random Epic Consumable
• ARES Battle Stim MK III: Grants Shadow Meter Regen for the entire match

We hope you enjoy these and we would love to hear your ideas for future items in Shadow Lords.


Mask of the Ancients!

Maybe Spinal has a new quest?

Mask of Loki. Or chaos mask. Grants unlimited shadow, or instinct meter for the whole match or substantial health regen. Effect is random with every use.

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These are all really fun to use, but OMG the ARES MKIII is awesome! Stick it on a character like Fulgore or Omen and watch the madness unfold! Also, the Tiger Pendants are freaking badass. With the new PD changes, it makes you basically unstoppable if you can get going!

I’ve gotten the tiger pendant but I haven’t tried it yet. Still have to find the mummy pendant, and the luck potion and elixir. I believe the last two come with a dossier

Didn’t the ElixirOfGreaterLuck came out in 3.5? I remembered gettin’ 2 of them during Eyedol’s chain quests.

Still trying to figure out how to get the Mask of the Ancients. I assume it’s part of a Spinal quest, but if it is, I certainly can’t find it. Considering there’s a Dossier tied to it, the last one before my “World” section is complete in fact, it’s kind of a priority.

Stasis field?