New colors

Whens chars new colors?

You mean Omen’s new colors? We don’t know when will they reveal Omen’s new colors. But I hope we get new colors in Shadow Lords!

Iron and microsoft announced the other day that will come new colors

Mimic colors will be out on September 20th with Shadow Lords.

No. They said all chars new colors i guss

There are other colors besides the mimics for the characters coming out with Shadow Lords.

idk but i need new colors for my Shago.

Then get Shadow Jago figure.

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Yeah, I’ve got Shago 10 & 11 and they’re the best colors he’s got.

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Yup. I have Shago figure and 10 color. But I didn’t get 11 color… T_T

Huh? The figure brings color 11 not 10

The limited edition figure for Shago came with color 10 and the full-release figure has color 11.

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They also occasionally do Color 10 giveaways on the Ultimate Source Twitter.

The shago figure brings 2 colors?

The first figure was limited edition, only a few thousand units. The figure you buy now only has color 11. For all intents and purposes the first and second figures are the exact same, the first one just came with a unique packaging, had a serialized card and came with a special color 10. The current figure has normal packaging and color 11, color 10 is on longer available. Basically the LE figure was just to promote the new line of figures, the toys are the same but it was a special promo thing.

You might still be able to find one on ebay or something though.

Ohh oh i got it. But im in Panama center america so…
Is so ■■■■■■■ difficult to get that one #/fuckme

Yeah I bet, shipping rates out of the US were kinda nuts too.