New Colors for the Ghost in S3?

Hey guys, figure it’s inevitable that we’ll be getting more awesome colors for everyone in the future, including for Hisako. Figured we should make a wish list.

Here’s my girlfriend’s suggestion. She made this in photoshop.

Ultra pale skin (even for Hisako) with dark blacks and purples for color.

What do you guys think would be good for Hisako colors?


That’s a cool design!

I have a few general ideas for what I think would look good but not really specific colours or anything:

  • I really like the colours that change the teeth and eyes (6,7 and 9 all do this well) so more of that would be cool

  • The red skin on 9 is cool but the shade of red doesn’t feel quite right for some reason. The concept of a striking skintone is a good one though and i think going either super pale or super bright would be good

  • Colour 3 is cool in the way that it mixes different colours instead of sticking with a single colour motif type deal. more like this!

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This is perfect.


Would select regularly

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