New chars removing fundamentals from the game

Ok im not saying this applies to all the “new” chars of the game, but i do feel that ever since arya came out there have been to much yolo chaos added to the game. Some of the new chars has been given moves that totaly outshines old previously “good” moves, and that even without giving them great weaknesses to compensate. For example jagos over head. This move was previously consider realy good compared to the rest of the cast, that move was like one of the bigger reassons jago was good. He had fundamental footsie superiority in season 1-2. But ever since arya release there have been release after release of characters that easily outshines hes overhead (arbiter, eyedol, tusk etc.). I mean its realy hard to actualy find anything that for example arbiter or gargos are missing in terms of utillity. In my opinion IG are more and more forgetting about fundamentals and instead focusing on crazy unreactable mixups (yolo shago anyone?). Another example here is glacius, he was the guy to go to if you wanted zoning, he had the best tools to space out a character except maby for kan-ra, but then again he was kinda broken at start aswell. But now where is glacius? what is he realy good at compare to for example gargos?? or eyedol, heck even arbiters is better at range with hes crazy fast gun. Same goes for sabrewulf, can you name even one real reasson hes good this season? he also used to have great footsie potential, but hes overhead/low mixup is still unsafe (as it should be considering how good they are) but with all the huge sized chars added to the game now even sabrewulf has an average footsiegame. They even nerfed the speed on sabrewulf overhead as it was to fast to react to, that i can agree on it was realy fast, it needed a nerf. But why add other overheads that even outshines sabrewulf old one by bouth range and safeness?

All in all IG needs to realy think about what the game needs when they add a new char instead of just adding flashy looking moves that totaly breaks the meta. I watched the introduction video on gargos the other day and during the whole video they just joked around by saying things like “omg gargos op”, “gargos has everything”, “omg there is more?? Gargos op lol” without actualy giving any good reasson why he wouldnt be op. They only mentioned one little weakness with gargos and that was hes middlerange options, he has full screen attacks, close range attacks but hes kinda weak in the middle. Thats what they said, but then i watched rico play him online, spaming Reckoning beeing totaly fine in the middle range, the move even has a built in backdash to make it pretty safe up close and a mixup… I mean wth, its like IG doesnt know what they are doing when they add new moves, where is the rock paper scissor way of thinking? Where has the strength/weaknes mentality gone? Even as im typing this im watching Gutter beating opponents by just spaming overheads and jumping heavy punches with eyedol, freekin hillarious, the jumping heavy punch even beats dps… like… not cool. Also not to mention eyedols heavy dp… it makes even thunders dps look like ■■■■…


As gargos would say “SALTY!” or “DELICIOUS!!!”


Eyedol its going to be normalizated

Gargos has the worst defense of the game, not just “bad mid range game”

You speak about rico destroying people with Gargos. Well, several considerations:
1-Rico is very good and he uses a lot of characters
2-Rico didn’t manage to get so far with Gargos at Evo. Maybe Gargos isn’t THAT good enough?
3-Who was beating Gutter? Random killers, or top players?

Use Gargos for a while. He has remarked weakness.

Also “fundamentals” in this game its… different from other games. I would put breaking capabilities or the skill of baiting breakers in fundamentals. The neutral game exists both out and inside combos. Its just too fast that some people fail to see them. But they are there


by worst defence, what do you mean? No dp?

Yes rico is very good, but i watch him a considerable amount of times and i have never seen him so easily beat people online.

Well gutter didnt get that far with thunder either did he while for example spinal did and he got second last evo… so placements in evo doesnt realy say that much about balance. Allot comes down to nerves, shape, and preparation. or if you whana throw the evo card then why did thunder who hapens to be an “old character” do so bad this year, he got tons of buffs?

I said gutter was beating, even trolling random killer players soley on jumping heavy punches and dps with eyedol.

yes i guess fundamentals are different in this game, but i just feel that this game is taking a path down a road it initialy didnt intend to take. the footsies and neutral moves used to be a big part of this game from the start, but now it more and more comes down to who can spam the most safe and fast special move that wins the game. Some moves are so fast that it just isnt humanly possible to react to even from full screen. It some times just comes down to who is able to attack first and keep preassure instead of who opens up the opponent first like it used to be.


I think Kim is the most fundamental of all the new S3 Characters.

Yes kim is ok

by worse defense he means no wake up options not even a shadow one. on knockdown he cant do nothing but say “senpai yammate” and hope the offense stops. his instinct is the only instinct that makes the charetcer worse by literally making him cant block and he loses all of his arial mobility. its even worse because armor looses to heavy so its very unreliable.

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Gargos has no good reversal and his backdash is mediocre.

Tournament palacements are bad to evaluate character balance, I agree. And also are streams of any player beating others.

Also you are considerating the neutral game as the situation where both characters are not in the combo system. But you are in somewhat neutral inside it. You could open 20 times an opponent, and he only 5. He could have excellent breaking and great combo conversion. He will win more fights.

My point is that footsies in this game should 't be evaluated as other games. This game has its unique flavor in that area. Almost all characters have great and safe specials which would be very unsafe in other games. Because KI rewards different things that other games

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You haven’t watched much of Rico then.

Also, Most online Killers in this game aren’t at the competitive level you see at offline tournaments. Some are, but most aren’t.


Agree with almost everything you’ve said. Good post.

he destroyed thomxsons jago that stream… and thomxson is considered a quite good jago player…

Did you think maybe thompson didn’t know the Matchup? Or that maybe thompson choked, or just buckled under pressure.

Yes he might have buckled under pressure and there is a chance that he had no idead of how to counter gargos, but then again there is also the probability that he just got owned because of the fact that gargos is fundamentaly broken…

Im not saying im 100% right im just sugesting that this game based on what ive seen and experienced is starting to walk down a road that i dont realy enjoy…

Different characters require different approaches. That can be minor to major.

And Thomxson is learning the Matchup with one of the best Gargos players out there.

Its common for a top player to blow out another top player in online exhibitions, especially when they’re trying to learn MUs. There isn’t any money on the line, so they don’t take it as seriously.

It happens to @CrazyLCD all the time lol.

Yes but i feel that the more crazy characters they add in this game the less it starts to matter witch character you pick, since it more or less comes down to wich character has the fastest/safest or unreactable specials… Before in season 1-2 i felt there where much more spacing and oppening opponents up involved in the meta, now all the characters have pretty much all options available to make a safe approach and keep the pressure until an opponent cracks.

That’s…kinda how a fight works…

Now in this meta yes, but where are the feints, the neutral jumps, the fishing for misstakes, the footsies, the spacing?? all you do now is spaming one safe move after the other until your opponent makes a 50/50 guess block wrong… Im not saying they are note there its just that they are not as relevant as they used to be… My favorite matchup to watch and play is still jago - sabrewulf.

i mean jagos feint fireball doesnt see much light of day since it just doesnt work that well in this game… previously it would have been good but now, you almost never see pros getting any value out of it

That’s more of a player thing then anything.