New characters idea for next games

Kelvin : galaxy sentor , he send down to earth to find his freind glacius

Sol Dakuri :Babylonian General , story he hunt down trator kan ra and his mission to destory kan ra .

Tatsunaria :possessed samurai ,a curseded samurai to find his armor and give his daughter of hisako.

Merlin : hermit druid , he help maya to destory coven to bring mira back and to destory tsar known as vladtepes.

Hydra : merfolk gladaitor , his kingdom have been destoryed by gargos and join in night gaurds .

Gron : gorrila berseker , he father his hunter ultratech battle gron tribe and kidnaps gron when he was young and make him demolitions units of ultratech .

Dahila: witch aura , gargos have create a witch of his daughters , when dahila grown up he help jago to Fight omen and gargos.

Mercury : time travel , he fathers is racers and he after his father died of car crash he use his race gear transfrom into battle gears .

Feng : mistblade shinobo , he friends of jago and with phoenix and dragon spirit a he help and proecet jago from Gargos and omen .

Maokai : tree golem who serive merlins and healer of the forrest.

Southwark : night detective , he is leader of Disavowed .

Inventor : Scientist who work of ultratech and he is project cinders , stalkers ,fulgores & rest of mutant.

Hannibal : wendigo king loyalty of vladtepes evil spirit wendigo .

Kara adams : a granddaughter of ryat adams who serive aria of ultratech she is agent of ultratech .

Gunnar : disavowed battlesuit who work with southwark he is son of southwark.

Doc weston : vampire gunslinger slayer who hunt down vladtepes and hunt down sabrewolf and he want to help sabrewolf .

Leostien : nightguard afican warrior who has panther spirit and serive merlins .

Tornado : aero djinn who is free from kan ra and help aganos and join nightgaurds .

El obsbian who is aztec champions of the wrestlers found aztec mask with aztec power and spirit .

gigantes musled mutant created by Dr Erin Gupte knowns as inventor .

Hectron : insect hydrid by ultratech have power of swarms .

Corax : heavenly tengu who help icherions .

Rajan kahn : bollywood star who work his money of his movie and enter of tourment .

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