New character revealed: Shin Hisako!

Shadow Orchid?

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Maybe the sad face is because you laughed at the video? Maybe the laughing face is for the suggestion of a goth character? Absolutely no idea man! I’m stumped. :slight_smile:

I know, I love it! Makes me even more curious. I must say, while I’m really hoping for a character trailer, I do enjoy how they’ve been teasing this character.

A goth Orchid with glowing things wouldn’t be the craziest idea. Maybe she just came upon the katana somehow? The “blade of my father,” could that be Gargos though? Aren’t guardians specifically against him?

What if it was “Shadow Orchid” but represented as a totally new character? Like it’s a slight remix of Orchid with Katana moves and maybe some cool Hisako-Like Wrath shenanigans?


For what it’s worth, in case anyone didn’t know, the song is “Mask Off” by Future. Not sure if that helps at all.


Roxy Rave as a modern kin or incarnation of sako…

So far…

1.It’s someone we already know :arrow_backward:

All and all idk still thinking NU-Hisako

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That video is just the latest and greatest rolling around the internet. Nothing to do with KI or the next character - and yes, character, come on, everyone. Thinking we’d tease a Guardian like that!

Again, my shenanigans are cheeky and fun…and relatable.


Thank you for telling us that we are straying off course, instead of letting us drown in useless information not related to anything. lol


LOL, nice. Here I was seriously scratching my head, trying to dissect it and turns out it’s nothing.

Well played. :slight_smile:

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Well, confirmed a New Character…


So an all-new samurai character in AND for KI then? :wink: :grin:

Could be. Or even a Ninja. Like an Actual Stealthy Ninja.

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So I’m officially convinced nfused but

A psylockey female katana would warm my heart

I just might not be able to get up from the floor, just like when Kim Wu was announced and Shown.

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#SpiesWithKatanas :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Now tell me if ts really a samurai or something like Ryu Hayabusa, MGRR Raiden or that cyber ninja from Overwatch.
Im quite sure microsoft hold up the ip of Ninja Gaiden Black so who cares he’s on DOA?


Real talk: That’s a killer band name.

Also, thank you @rukizzel for the information and confirmation! :grin:

Darn, I was gonna make speculation that maybe it could have been hisakos descendant that happens to be goth that gains the katana :stuck_out_tongue:

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As neat as that may be, it’d need to be the descendant of someone near Hisako rather than the spoop waifu herself. She died unmarried at 15, so she wouldn’t have descendants. Plus her family was completely massacred.

Someone from the same village maybe could work, but Hisako’s bloodline is over.

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What about reincarnation or something. I know there is fiction where there was someone even if the previous bloodline died.

I’m reaching for straws

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