New Character concepts I would want in Season 3

Just throwing some ideas out, Hope you guys like them and If you need images:

Stheno Inspiration

Apex is a Gelada Baboon

Anderson portal effects:

Bullet Inspiration: (Cable)

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I know I’d like to see a characer that is snake themed on the liks like Medusa or some otber creature. I’m still iffy about gun users though.

When it comes to beast based characters I don’t think including an ape would hurt, so long as IG and make it interesting.

That’s pretty much my two cents there.

Honestly I’m am too because of the pace of the game. I really just wanna see some more rebels with orchid (It’s Implied that she has many more forces with the same goals)

I’m biased when it comes to monkeys and apes for KI. I want a baboon/mandrill. But could be hard thinking up one.

Thanks for the two cents.

My issue with gun characters is balance. The projectiles tend to be really fast and alot of people who use gun characters just pam it. This in conjunction with bad experience against opponents like Stryker and Dante from the respective fighting games I’ve played.

It’s a character hasn’t been properly balanced yet, and any fighting game that has intorudced again user hasn’t done so good of a job in keeping that projectile spam in check. KI has a chance to succeed here where the other games failed.

The monkey problem is that there aren’t many ways to alter them in way where they don’t just look like a monkey. They want the animal characters to be fantasy and not outright resemble real creatures. (I would love to see a ape character"planet of the Apes" & “Men in Black” hybrid would be awesome.

I’m quite the opposite. I rather not have Ape-humanoid like sun wukon, Although Imagine If sabrewulf was a monkey instead of wulf That I could live with. Can’t say about men in black because I never saw the movie.

I only used The gelada because of That’s what I think would be best In Killer instinct. It could be a gorilla or even (my favorite) a Mandrill if MS/IG wanted.

Of course It would have to be Magical or mutated by ultratech/gargos to fit in with rest of the cast.

Also I do not expect any of these characters concepts to be in season 3.

There just ideas that would make scream my head off in joy if they got in.

There are PLENTY better Ideas out there

Worst case scenario: I use these concepts in my OWN book. That’s the best thing of being a writer.

Dude you should see Men In Black 1,2,3. The original comic is pretty good too

I’d like a Gun Character in KI. That would add a cool new style and dynamic to KI. Maybe even for a guest character…

Cough Cough :laughing:

How about a psychic? Something Psylocke & Jean Grey?

Meh. Kinda feels Like overused concept to me but hey It could work, I haven’t seen many
psychic/telekinesis users characters in fighting outside Marvel vs capcom.

Design could be a problem though.

Shark man is 100% perfect for KI season 3!

How about…

  • a mad scientist
  • a plant user
  • a wind user (with Glacius liquid, Cinder plasma & Aganos solid. This needs gas.)
  • a dancer (following Eddy, Christie & Elena)

When did this thread revive itself…?

Just now. :smile:

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Aria has shotgun knees…