New Arbiter Combos/Tech

I know there are threads for this now, but I don’t know if this counts as a combo or as tech. I’m leaving it up to a mod to merge this thread where it belongs.


I will use this in conjunction with my Arbiter Vortex. Now if only Arby had a shadow cashout…

What do you mean by “Arbiter Vortex”?

It is a mix up into a combo into another mix up and repeat. I will make a video and post it here when I have the time.

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Can you explain why spending the shadow is better than just attaching a grenade and doing flipout after ground bounce ender? I don’t see the benefit except maybe a little extra white life.

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It’s just for style. You would have to read the description on Youtube.

“Not the most practical combo in the game but it allows you to set up Arbiter’s more important stuff later on.”

Style is fine. The description on the youtube says “it allows you to set up Arbiter’s more important stuff later on”, and I’m curious what you mean by that.

Well doing the flipout is generally more breakable. You need to mix it up. Not sure why he used the shadow version though. Just the normal version canceled into a shadow shield should do and you can do a juggle. You get a free shield that is unpunishable,and the juggle afterwards. I haven’t tested this though.

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Because you can still stick a nade or flipout into command grab. It’s just new stuff you can do with Arby. Also may be the only way to juggle with shadow Mercy’s Demise without the last hit whiffing.

I love you guys!

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Do you guys like the video though? I tried to make it all epic and flashy. Hopefully it serves it’s purpose well.


I personally never do a flipout. It usually ends bad. Good stuff @RGLOfficial.

I need to work on shadow shield more.

I saw someone do something similar to extend Arby’s ultra.

I know RGL also found a way to double Ultra someone:

To be fair, I think it was Nexus Wolf who was the first person to upload a video of a double ultra.


Has anyone seen the quad ultra?

With Rash yeah.

There is also one for Arbiter too. I thought it was insane lol.

I don’t understand the flipout mechanic. Is there somewhere I can go to get an explanation of it? I’m lost when people talk about it.

The Flipout mechanic allows you to hit a juggled opponent (in air and in a state of hit stun) with a character-specific Light move to force them to drop immediately to a standing position. This allows you to keep them from waking up after they land and usually leaves you at a slight advantage or neutral over them to reset and begin with pressuring them.