New "Ape vs Monster" Movie Trailer

Man, the guys at the Asylum have serious balls to do a rip-off of “Godzilla vs Kong”. I smell a potential lawsuit with this from Toho. That said, though, I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t going to watch this, just because I have a fondness for Godzilla/kaiju movies. From what’s shown in the trailer, it really seems like they’re taking notes from not only GvK and the 2014 Godzilla in a couple shots, but also “Rampage” and to a certain extent the “War of The Monsters” video game. It looks cheesy and very low budget, but I have to admit some of the CG looks pretty good, notably at the 45 second mark. The lizard kind of reminds me of Varan imo. The gorilla…yeah, doesn’t look great.


Looks like something I’d watch using my last five braincell, or maybe just a new way to pass the time. It just annoys me to see stuff like “Ape Vs Monster” get a highly modified version of Zilla and I have a special aversion to Zilla, sorry to anyone who likes him. I’m still waiting for more movies from Toho, ones that take after Shin Godzilla most preferably… I heard the hiatus was because of some deal with Legendary? but we’re still stuck with anime for now…and rip offs like these :sob:

LOL You and me both. I HATED the 1998 Zilla (I refuse to call that thing Godzilla), although I do really like the animated series.

You and me both. Here’s hoping that Toho makes a new “Shin Godzilla”, if not a standalone based on its memorable pantheon of monsters. I would LOVE to see like a Ghidorah, Varan, Baragon, Anguirus or Manda solos. Or hell, a better solo movie for Mothra. Space Godzilla is also ripe with potential and possibilities given his immense telepathic powers. Ah well. One can dream.

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I don’t hate zilla anymore but he will NEVER be godzilla to me. I also still like the animated series. I liked it well enough to watch it.

We even have a working title for the next monstersverse movie. I hope Godzilla does return for the monsterverse.

I think Godzilla being in the next Monsterverse movie is kind of a given, just because the series has largely been based off of the Big G. I mean, ideally it would be cool to see some of the other Toho monsters, or perhaps old US/British kaiju like the Rhedosaurus, the Giant Behemoth or Gorgo/Ogra (REALLY underrated movie that one!).

Yeah!! I’m so freakin down for Orga and actually anything from outer space bc Ghidorah is literally an alien?? I’d actually love to see Space Godzilla and consequently, Godzilla’s son. I’m soooo down for that. I also really want Mothra to be brought back somehow, a solo or not, but she didn’t have alot if screen time in KoTM and that’s just sad bc that’s so much wasted potential. She’s been my favourite Kaiju for as long as I can remember and she was nicely done by Legendary but… I’d like to see more

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Out of curiosity, have you seen the “Rebirth of Mothra” solo movies?

I have, but not the entire thing and I don’t even remember much. The only Toho movies I remember vividly are Shin Godzilla and Godzilla vs Biollante. And also a tiny bit of Final Wars. It literally did not end, that movie.

LOL I actually liked “Final Wars”. It’s a pretty good film, even though it tosses everything including the kitchen sink at the audience. Still, it’s a fun spiritual successor/reboot/remake of “Destroy All Monsters” with little moments of humor.