Never invoke the wrath of HUMAN HUNTER205 (that's me)

Normally, i was one who played killer Instinct when i was little, i get even more excited when i fight people. But there is one downside, the people that you really wanna fight, there are others always in the way.

For example, i was trying to fight Maximilian Dood during his livestream, and every chance i send an invite, someone else sends it and gets in my way. By the time i get the chance, i completely missed my chance, and that really pissed me off. I decide to go to ranked for a bit of rank up matches mad as hell, when i found my opponent, and destroyed him because he landed the bombo using Kim Wu against me.

Watch this video to see how it turns how when you unleash the Wrath of HUMAN HUNTER205:

Let’s see, a lot of unsafe slides, a lot of jump ins, a lot of reversals, and some guess breaking.

Why should I be scared again?


I thought the same thing… lol. Hell… barely made it out the 1st match alive.

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You played a Kim Wu who never used a dragon cancel and died stocked up with them. You barely made it out of both matches and I’d say that’s more because you used your damage enders more than your opponent did. Not to crap on your play, but it could be better than random slides, walk back fullscreen grenade toss and jump-in buttons.

I get it, it may not seem that way, but i truly was pissed that i may seem reckless, but if i was completely serious, it would have been more than that

Just gonna warn you, nobody cares what you say about your own skill level. We judge you based on your actual gameplay. So you telling us “Oh I’m better than this” (especially after this thread was supposed to be about how awesome you are) is just making us respect you less.