Negative edge can mess up my imputs:(

Wassup people!

Does anybody have issues getting the the wrong special move cancel because of negative edge?

I feel the negative edge window lasts too long, very often I try to cancel my low MK into H Cyber dash and end up getting the M Cyber dash instead, and that makes me drop the following manual:(

I think the window should be reduced, how do you folks feel about it?

This happens to me when using a MP manual into the next linker, but I end up with a MP ender instead. its like as Im buffering the down forward motion after the manual the release of MP gives me the MP ender (Aganos)

Yep, what really happens is that when you release the MP button it registers as a second MP button push. It’s really annoying. I had to condition myself to tap the buttons quicker!

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should be an option to turn the crap off like in NRS games it doesn’t do anything but lengthen the learning curve


is that what makes you buffer the inputs?

It’s a concept in fighting games in which you get the input as you release the button instead of just pressing it. For example: with jago you do cr. MK and quickly input the windkick motion, you might end up getting cr. MK into M wind kick even though you only pressed MK once.

it could be that when I’m doing eclipse and then I get a shadow eclipse? Fulgore is another case I get those input errors too.

I started notciing this issue with the release of Gargos. It is really bad on him. Try CrMK into Light Psycho Cursher or CrMP into Light Portal Punch, the mediums always come out. I also have recently noticed that sometimes when I do Spinal’s overhead it is automatically skull run cancelling…which is fine with me but it is not intentional lol I thought it was my new controller

I don’t use negative edge willingly. I’d rather just turn it off. Less hindrance.

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Yep, absolutely, that should be on the requested feautres list!

People don’t understand what negative edge actually does for them. Very few people use negative edge intentionally to do combos. It’s there because it makes the game better.

A lot of the time, people will accidentally do a QCF + P move by doing d, df, P, f. This happens a lot in tense matches when your execution slips slightly. Without negative edge, you will not get the special move and you will feel like the game is completely stiff and unforgiving.

That said, it’s entirely possible that some moves have a negative edge window that is too large and actually hindering gameplay. If that’s the case, then it’s best to discuss those moves directly. Turning off negative edge altogether is probably not the answer.

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I agree, but the window is just too large. I personally feel the negative edge implementation in USFIV to be very good. It was there, never dropped a special cancel, but never made me do something that wasn’t inteded. I would be very happy if they tuned it down a little. Also I have to admit, it bothers me more than it should because I play mostly at night time and I can’t make too much noise, so I tend to keep my fingers always on top of the buttons and that could slow dowm my releas time a bit. Still it sometimes happens also when I can make all the fuss I want:P

It was pretty good but I personally know players that had to change their combo execution to avoid getting negative edge in that game.

In general I think negative edge is pretty good in KI, just maybe needs a few character-specific adjustments. Gargos seems like a pretty common complaint, but I don’t have any comment on it myself.

I have trouble with both my characters, Fulgore and Mira.

with fulgor is doing low MK > HK dash (I get MK dash instead)
with Mira is doing standing MP > HP reaping (I get MP reaping instead)

If your problem is only a few characters, you can try to tune your muscle memory a bit for them. Either lift the preceding button extremely fast, or else hold it down just a bit longer.

I learned early in my FG career to lift buttons extremely fast when I press them, and it really helped me with all fighters. Maybe it’s a lesson that you’ll learn because of Fulgore and Mira but it will help you in all games moving forward, so it’s worth the time. I dunno.

I’m actually already doing that, I’m forcing myself to tap the buttons very quickly. It helps, but I wish I didn’t have to do it, since this issue only happened in KI and I played basically all the FG I could buyXD

I think it’s fair to say that shrinking the window a little bit would beneficial for everybody:P Or at least tuning it down in specific cases.

Ok negative edge is really starting to annoy me. I do a light punch linker and do a shadow ender by doing medium and light kick. However because of negative edge,I get a counter breaker. Wtf

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It really gets me a lot after a manual to linker…I get the strength of the manual button release with the motion of the linker…which usually ends up a medium or light ender.

Not cool…this costs me an entire lockout combo to the weakest ender Omen has…Rashakuken.

the answer for me is to use a kick manual…but thats kind of a crap way to work around something. Id rather it just not exist or have a shorter window.