Need YOUR help! Gamer's World Killer Instinct Weeklys

Hi, my name is Ken I host the weekly tourneys for KI. So far the group has maxed out at an 8 with an inconsistant number of people who show up. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful when the group shows. I really want this thing to grow and have some kind of future other than just sticking where it is now. I’ve allowed combo assist and have everything up to date letting every player new and old be able to pick up the game as well as try to promote it as much as possible. I have also put the start time at now 7 PM on fridays, used to be 4PM. I was tossing the idea of doing casuals/freeplay every other week to teach any new players for the game. Realistically what do you guys think would be the best course of action?

Whats the link to your tournament?
I havent heard of it.

Casual is always great because most are afraid to enter tournaments in fear of loosing. Once they enter the causal they will realize its not so bad and then they will enter he tournament!

Oh yeah I remember reading this! I thought you meant ONLNE. Still best to get them in and comfortable so they are not afraid to enter a tournament.

I know I have skipped entering a Game stop tournament in MK due to thinking I would suck.

good luck!