Need to be online to play killer instinct?

I just bought a xbox one and my xbox live subscription is expired… I bought the full KI game with all seasons and when I play the game online, i can use all of the fighters… But when i’m offline and don’t have internet, when I play the KI game, it won’t allow me to select all of the fighters. It highlight only one free fighter. and it says that i need to sign in xbox live to use all of the fighters… Can i use all of the fighters when im offline? My xbox live is not active. but my user name is for the system works… On the KI menu screen i see my user name but i cant access all of the fighters offline? For the my xbox one i use no barriers, and have the xbox home set…

I think you dont need xbox live gold to have access to everyone, but you most likely will need to have an xbox live (silver) connection. Basically you can be online without paying for xbox live gold, just your basic online connection is needed.

Couple months ago, I can use all of the fighters offline with no internet… But now it changes? Soon i will not have internet for awhile… I dont always want to be online to use my system to play games… I need basic internet in order to use all of the fighter? Even though i bought the game? No way I can use all of the fighters offline? Thanks.

As long as you have downloaded the individual characters to your harddrive you can play offline.

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I dobt know If I can help you there, maybe one of the @developers can help you with that.

I do know this is the online all the time generation and I have seen people have issues with more games while playing offline…

I would say to get the DE since it will be a disc and you can play it without connection however it all comes down to do you want to shell out $40 for it.

Yes, thanks! I have to download all individual fighters to my hard drive… It works!!! THUMBS UP!

Should work if you have the downloads stored on your local device. Tournaments will sometimes go offline because they are having issues so you shouldn’t have issues.

This gets asked repeatedly, because it is very confusing.

Logging off your Xbox Live ID does not take your Xbox “offline.” So the machine goes through the process of trying to establish who you are through the Xbox servers and if it can’t verify that, it doesn’t allow you access to the unlocked content.

To play KI offline on Xbox one you need to first go to settings and set the console to “offline mode.” Then launch the game. It will ask you to login your account, but that will be local. Then it will use local save files to identify that you own the content and you will be good to go.

The trouble always occurs when people logout of Xbox live and leave their console online. In which case it tries to contact the servers to check your ownership of the content and fails to do so. When it fails, it assumes you own nothing instead of checking the local save file.

It’s wonky as hell and aggravating for everybody.