Need practice with different MU =)

So please feel free to add me! GT: Maru MDQ

I’m playing a tourney on February 13 ht and I would like to face different MUs to earn more experience about the setups they may use. I live in Argentina so there could be a little lag.

I’m up for ft3 or ft5, maybe ft7 if I have the time.
During the next two weeks I’ll be training for a Gears of War tournament and then back to Killer. I’ll be jumping between both games.

Also I’m trying to get used to the fightstick, I’m struggling with DP’s and some Us. Not when I can do them in practice, but in the heat of the fight those mistakes come out, I’m trying to get control on them.

Match ups I need to practice more

(All! =P )

Mmmh, lets see:

  • Solid Jago’s or Jagos that pressure too much
  • “winged” Sadiras
  • Riptors with nice setups or even the mashing ones…
  • Hisakos (what a nightmare!)
  • Kan Ra (I don’t need to say why)
  • Cinders…
  • Maya is hard one too

Everyone else I also like to face, I don’t mind mirror matches n_n

My main is Wulf, but I’ll chancge characters to try different ones I like playing with ,though I don’t feel as confident as Wulf.

Fulgore’s? Aria’s? Shadow Jago’s?

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I’ve got a decent Riptor and Hisako, and could use some help as well. I’m headed to a local tournament next Friday. So we’ll be helping each other. :slightly_smiling:

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Totally!! =D is that you GT? I’ll add you

Yes sure! =) is that your get? I’ll add you and we can help each other

GT is same as the forum name.

Sure. Not right now though. I will add you.

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As a Wulf player, I would advise you to add capable Aganos’ to that list, he shuts down Wulf very easily if he has even a single chunk.

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Yeap, for Glacius and Aganos I would like to use another character. But even though I enjoy the matches. They are such a challenge

Let’s go? I am ready roght now.


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Consider yourself added! I’m not all that great (Gold) but I’m probably competent enough with Riptor or Kan-Ra to have a bit of fun, as well as maybe the shotos (though I’m a bit more conservative with my playstyle with them.)
I could probably use a bit of sparring myself.:wink:
Edit: I’m probably equally/more confident with Sadira than either of them, thinking about it.

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Thank you all for adding me. I tried to play with Sasuke and we were unable to connect to the match. Sometimes this happens with different people, it doesn’t matter where they are from. The game would let me play against most players and then this happens, there must be some connection incompatibility once in a while =(

Want some good matchup knowledge against a really good Aganos player? I’ll be happy to provide. :slight_smile:

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Feel free to add me, I can’t add you GT. Don’t know why =\

So far it seems i have the best Omen on the forums. And i have a great connection. Add me:

Mr xFlutterShy

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Solved! =) 10 charac

Omen practice sounds good =)

As in the game’s characters or are your referring to the letters of my GT? Because if it’s the former, there’s 14+ characters; if it’s the latter, however, then it’s 12 characters long, not 10 - 13 if you count the space that’s supposed to be in between (Galactic Geek).

That being said, I got the notification of your friend request, so it’s all good. Just so you’re aware though, I don’t add people I don’t know/trust, so you’ll have to take the initiative to meet up with me (simply send a message or something 1st) and earn that privilege (if you want it, of course) and then, if you’re the kind of person that I like to play/socialize with, I may return the favor and add you as a friend myself. :wink:

See you online (I’m free from work today and Monday due to the MLK Jr. holiday, so take advantage of it)! :smiley:

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Ok, English is not my first language, but I understand it (and it wouldn’t hurt to practice it at all) Cheers!