Need help with spinal

So when i have skulls, are there any combos i can do with it or what is the best way to use them?
Thanks for the help.

go to youtube, and watch anything on bass’s channel (xibassix)

His “Season 3 rough sets” are him vs. members of the community.

Most will be spinal, but he also mains cinder and mira, but those will say Cinder and Mira edition.


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Spinal has several uses of Skulls. Their general purpose is to curse the opponent. Purple skulls disable meter gain. Yellow instinct gain.

When Spinal has Skulls he can also sacrifice a Skull to run cancel moves and make other moves safe (such as his skeleport).

In terms of when to use them… You can add a skull after an opener, generally, I use a light one after an opener as it allows the combo to continue, I also use Shadow Skull as a linker, but the time is very strict.

You can also add them after a juggle (of which is the easiest way to curse somebody).

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Well for one skulls can be used as projectiles. These projectiles Curse your foe, preventing your opponent from gaining meter. His skull fireballs are a very important part of his toolset because he can use them to control the match, both through their initial utility as projectiles (covering his approach from a variety of angles, especially nasty combined with his ability to teleport behind you) and by limiting your enemy’s resources.

They can also be used to cancel attacks into other stuff. Pretty handy when you’re getting up close and personal.

I know there are others who’ve already posted similar information but I figure repetition is the surest way to learn, so the more you get stuff fun your head the noe wit will stay lol

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