Need help with Shadow Jago Glitch

Hey there guys, i have a very annoying glitch with shadow jago in practice mode. I can´t get the ultra combo to work.
It works in normal matches but instead of going into ultra in practice mode, he just does shadow DP instead.
can´t practice any ultra combos or set ups that goes into ultra. Weird thing is, i can do ultra with every other character , just not with shago

Yup, it’s a known bug. Gotta wait for a hotfix or patch.

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While they’re fixing it, you don’t need the ultra to practice setups that go into it. Just turn display input on, do the setup and if you see f,d,df+ 3 punches by the end of it you did it.

This is akin to street fighter 4 where I put a save point at the start of my setup, so a setup that ends in an ultra (Ryu short shoryuken into fadc into ultra for example) and will revert to the save state as soon as I hear the ultra sound. That way I can practice dozens of time without having to wait the full animation.

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And i was wondering. thx guys^^
see you online