Need help. Want to buy Supreme Edition through Paypal but don`t have credit card

Paypal asks me to add credit card to account, but I do not have one. I have funds on my Paypal account. Is there other way? I`m from Poland.

I tried sending digital gift card to myself but when I clicked “Next” to go into payment info, I was going back to Order info.

Please help.

Tried buying Windows Store credit via amazon and then use it on the store?

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no, there is no other way and this is a huge problem for this game, alot of customers is lost because of this, gift cards are only available in some countries, i was trying all sorts of stuff past couple of weeks so i just gave up

bottom line, only visa and mastercard if u want to buy anything in windowst store

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@dbaic thank you for response.

I was wondering. Is it possible to friend of mine have printed microsoft gift card for me, tell me it`s code so I can redeem it? It would solve my problem.

Or you can try to buy prepaid credit cards.
Thoses cards can be bought at any store (i think).

You can use your paypal funds to buy an 50/60 usd prepaid card, chage your MS account to USA, then activate the code on the MS store, and your windows region/location…
Then you can proceed with the paymente into the ingame store, i can confirm you that because thats what i had to done in order to buy it, i was a pain in the ■■■, but it worked…

As far as I know, a credit card is not actually necessary with PayPal.

I remember about two years ago when I linked my PayPal account to my Bank account instead (back when I didn’t have a credit card). It worked fine, although I don’t remember the procedure, and I don’t know if they have changed their rules with that since that time. But it did work at the time. When you do that (if it does work) you withdraw money directly from your Bank account, but instead of taking about 2 or 3 days to have the money on PayPal it takes about 7 days, that’s the only inconvenience.

Can I charge my microsoft store funds with xbox live cards?