Need help to create online tournament

Hi, I am representing russian KI community and I would be glad, if you can give me some stuff for it. Is it possible?

Um… What exactly do you need? Help streaming, running brackets, commentary or something else?

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Tagging @PCKPharrohYami, as he has quite a bit of experience in running online tourneys.

But as Lemon said, you’ll probably need to be more specific in what help you’re looking for exactly.

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Yeah kinda hard to offer help if we dont know what you need help with, can you please be specific in what you mean. @xSBlizzardx

Need help with creating scoreboard/overlay on stream. Any idea?

thats not really important when it comes to the overall of “creating a online tournament” its just imgs. & just use scoreboard edit 1.4, its drag & drop txt & imgs @xSBlizzardx i cant help you create them.

Its just boxes & whatever you wanna put in it.
Now if you need info on how to set up an online / rules you should have etc then let me know other than that stuff i dont mess with graphic work & thats what you need apearently.

Thx for help.

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np. feel free to tweet at me on twitter @pharrohyami when you have sign ups going