Need help picking a laptop for under $300

Hey guys, I have a quick favor. My oldest son @thunderb3e just earned some money helping his grandpa and now has about $300 or so, and I suggested that he look into getting a laptop with it, so I was kinda looking at a few models, but I’m not a real big tech head as far as figuring out what processor A will do over processor B & such. I mean I’ve got a couple of Alienware PCs myself (one is for my KI arcade cabinet), but the idea with them is to go so far into overkill territory that it does everything I want it to.

Right now I’m kinda eyeballing this one:

The thing is about it, I’m not exactly sure if it’s a good value for the price, partially because I’m not familiar with AMD’s processors.

Anyway, some advice would be appreciated…is this one a good value? Are there others out there that give better performance for the same price? He’s 13, so the goal with the laptop is something to do schoolwork on as well as some light gaming and just general learning how to use a computer in general.

It’s very basic, but then again the price is quite good. For me, your value is going to come in what your son wants to do with it. If he wants to use it for gaming, then this machine isn’t going to really cut it. I’m sure it will run some games, but only at the minimum specs.

If he’s going to use it for home work then it will be great. It will run all MS programs rather smoothly.


I’m not very familiar with AMD processors either. What would @Thunderb3E be doing with it? Web browsing, email, and homework papers? Then my guess is this will be fine. At this price I wouldn’t expect it to last more than two years. I used to use desktop replacement laptops at home for my home computer and they just aren’t made to last.

Yeah, pretty much. And when I say light gaming, I mean light, like run stuff up to maybe PS2 quality graphics at best. Web browser games, Minecraft, stuff like that. With the other PCs and game systems in the house there isn’t really a need for anything more.

To be honest, unless you want him to learn to type (which, btw is the life skill I am most glad that I learned as a kid) you might want to look into a cheap tablet - unless he already has one.

I only have one tip. Do not get there Acer cloud book. It offer 1TB of cloud space which sounds impressive, but the hard drive is so small you can’t even update the OS. For $200 it’s a way to look good but feel dumb.

Oh believe me, I have no intention of getting an Acer.

well i’ll suggest you to add $49 more and get this one i3-7100U, 4GB DDR4 RAM, 1TB HDD, Windows 10 OS, 15.6 inch FHD display for more suggestions check

Well, we got the Inspiron yesterday, along with a few basics (mouse, XB1 wireless adapter, headphones), and so far he seems to be enjoying it. We haven’t checked its capacity for playing games yet, not that that’s going to be its primary use, but he seems to be satisfied. Personally I really like the way Microsoft has started handling parental controls, especially the part where they let you decide what hours your kids can access their account. I wish they had that on his 2DS. I don’t know how many times I’ve caught him playing games on it when he’s supposed to be sleeping. :roll_eyes:

What? A kid who doesn’t want to go to sleep? That’s crazy! Blame technology.