Need help learning Orchid

Hello, I started playing Orchid for over a week now, and Im kinda struggling with her. I know what are her combos and juggles about, my main concern is neutral game.

I dont know how to utilize her normals properly. Infilaments guide says her normals have awesome reach, but I dont feel this way, my opponents outrange or whiff punish my poke attempts (whiffed HP punished for over 50% never forgetti ;__; )

Soo, any tips on how to improve her neutral game?

And more question: What are benefits of using Whiplash instead of Flick Flack? I know it has throw invulnerability, but I read that its -7 on block, and I see very good players using it raw with success somehow, but to me sounds like insane risk to use…

I would also appreciate any matchup advices, Jago is my nemesis.

Ehm…I’m not really good with her, but @BblackorchidD probably is…maybe there is some wisdom to be gotten from him…

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Really, you just have t understand her ranges and practice your neutral.

Hit me up with a message and I’ll fight you with her. My Orchid’s pretty mean.

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I’d love to play with you!
I also love to play shadow lab I think I enjoy shadow labs more than multiplayer sometimes lol

If you see Jago as your Nemesis, you should just continue to try and improve your experience with the character and take the time to watch other players play. Watching other players has led me to learning some crazy things.

Verminator needed NO help at all.
He demolished me in shadow lords multi & private exhibition.

@VerminatorX You’re actually pretty decent. You do way too many slides and busters though.

Hey there @VerminatorX, would love to do an Orchid mirror with you :slight_smile: I just got back to KI after a while and need some practice ^^

I still need to learn more recapture tech!