Need help in this match up

At 00:42:30 was my second match after my first attemp with Fulgore

*I stood still for some moments because I wanted the bar, and yes I know how to jump over that “sand storm” but maybe because of a slightly lag I mistimed it (twice!) XD

00:44:05 didn’t know what to do :sob:

You can see how I was left out of ideas. I didn’t know how to go in. And even if I did he was expecting it. Of course I relied on shadow leaping slash which got punished with his normal that cover two body distance pretty well. I didn’t know how to go between the sand and scarabs all around. And if I do, I put myself back in range to be punished by grabs or whatever.
I didn’t punish when he drop the grab ( I jumped back…Gosh!)

Yeah, I don’t know the match up at that level, it was hard and I couldn’t perform my best =(

Should I just use Fulgore? u.u

I can’t see any video :frowning:

Oh no! I’ll try to look for the match in my replays then , but I’m afraid it is messed up with the lag u.u

Edit: I can’t find those matches in my console D= Don’t know what’s worn with twitch -__-

Ok, try this:
The stream link:

Stream Host: (got to retransmitions)
The stream name: Bajaplayers
Video where I fought (the last fight vs Kan Ra player starts 00:42:30)
Name of the video: KI Latin America Death Match - GRUPO A
lenght: 4:42:29 (because there’s another video with the same name before)

I’ll watch it and see if I notice anything. :slight_smile:

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