Need help fighting Jago

Okay, so KI has started to seriously dampen my emotional state after a constant string of losses in pretty much every mode, but I’ve lost completely to the past… god knows how many players or so in Ranked mode who have used Jago and I cannot for the life of me figure out why I can’t even seem to drain a single life bar off him in matches. Feels like I can’t provide any offense without getting punished, I can never block his crossups, and I can’t even provide a single decent pressure tool against him.

Does anyone here have advice for how Omen can deal with Jago in that matchup? I’d appreciate it please if anyone would be available for a FF20 (yes, twenty. It’ll only take 15 minutes with my skill level) for that matchup to use both as an analysis of what I CAN’T do and what I potentially COULD do.

I feel your pain!

Here are 2 things you can try to help just a little.

Jagos love to catch you throwing Rashakukens on their knockdown, the Jago will catch you with a shadow wind kick. BAIT it out and either shadow counter or punish with your BNB

NEVER use any of Omens shadow moves mid to full screen if Jago has meter, he can start a shadow wind kick way after you have started your shadow move and he will crush you every time. ( This really pisses me off becasue just about every character can do this. Omens shadow moves are crap out side of a combo)

When they try to cross you up dash under it and retreat.

Instead of throwing med or heavy Rashakukens use light to keep your distance

If Jago jumps toward you use standing heavy kick as an anti air

Bait out Jagos fireballs and shadow slide underneath.

But besides that I dont know what to tell you, its a really tough match up for Omen regardless what anyone’s tier list says.

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Learn which of Jago’s moves are safe, such as his f+HK, and find out if there are other ways to punish that (such as block into shadow-counter).

Thanks for the advice so far. As of right now I have had a bad habit of thinking I can use Shadow Rashakuken or Shadow Orda Shield when I knockdown or be in neutral against a character who has any Projectile Invulnerable move available to them. While SOMETIMES I can do a trade with Orda Shield given it doesn’t go away when Omen gets hit, I can never capitalize on it right after into a combo so it becomes relatively pointless to try.

As for anti-air, I still need to get better at that. St.HK has been the best thing Omen has for anyone trying to close in via jumping but it is something I end up forgetting a lot. It also doesn’t work when Jago decides to cross up with j.HP. That and I’m still way too reliant on light Orda Shield as a reversal, which doesn’t work most of the time on a majority of characters.

As for Jago’s safe moves, I’ve got an idea of his safe ones, which is to say everything but Heavy Wind Kick :stuck_out_tongue: It’s more of telling what leaves Jago disadvantaged on block, which for what I recall is Light and Medium Wind Kick. The bigger concern about it is that Jago can simply frame trap those instead with Light DP AND make them safe with Shadow Endokuken (or just frame trap his light DP with another light DP, something that’s been driving me crazy).

So my bigger concern right now is trying to strike a balance between offense and defense, or when I need to straight up guess/read how Jago may react following a Wind Kick. So in addition to this, does anyone have a suggestion for how to deal with Jago’s pressure once he starts it?

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Backwards dash and shadow counters. And of course shadow form.

Always dash under that cross up.

as far as the frame trap pressure block and more blocking, ready to tech throw. Dont hit buttons when you think its your turn becasue it most likley isnt your turn, so use shadow counter

And bait out that DP once they think you are going to light orda on wake up… bait it out and punish

It’s a hard match for most of the cast, Jago is a great character and I suffered his damage a lot (before the nerf) I spend a nice amount of time labbing vs him. The thing is you must kill Jago like three times or maybe two and a half due to his health regen xD
Learn how to stop his windkick aproach, if they try double wind kick aproach: use some crouching hit that won’t hit low (because WK crushes lows). Try to keep in mind they would try to double roundhouse (use shadow counter) also remember that move is positive and after it they tend to:

  • Cancel / throw a fireball
  • hit low and or maybe overhead (whatch out for that range it has)
  • light wind kick (that’s like a vicious circle, so you must learn how to punish or get out of that situation or simple block him , some Jagos would let you think they are negative just to end their pressure with a dp, expect this and punish them for that!)

Keep some distance to punish his jump ins with c.HP, then start your own pressure but of course watch out for his dp. I think Omen has some nice air movility and his Shadow form to bait stuff but he also has to work a bit more to have better damage than Jago.
I’m not used to playing fireball characters but as they told you before watch out for Shadow windkick, it’s just too good and they can react to your fireballs so be careful on when yo use them.

Pressure. Pressure from overheads and rashukukens really stop Jago from having that offense. Force a pace that he has to play too and keep him there.

You can try to distance him to build meter or glide in with a mixup following your projectiles, just keep him in check.

Baiting his DP and avoiding the corner will make the match slide into your favor.

Also, a lot of Jago aside from his fundamentals come from the player. Each Jago usually has a preference that you have to understand. Either spam projectile, frametraps, or like me a “read player”.

@ItzTymeToDul Has one of the best Omens that really shutdown my Jago, maybe he can offer advice to his personal strategy.

Forgot to mention, your shadow slide has AMAZING range against his projectiles. If you see it at mid screen you can usually connect.