Need help! Can't update Killer Instinct (Windows 10)

Hi, I downloaded the Killer Instinct free app from the Windows Store app in Windows 10. I felt the game out and purchased everything las week ofcourse :slight_smile: Great and fun game!

To the problem at hand:
Since Mira was released, when I start the Killer Instinct app a message comes up telling me to update the game in the Windows Store app. The Windows Store app works flawlessly until I press “Killer Instinct”, then the Killer Instinct page loads and the godforsaken app crashes. I can press every other app on the Store without crash. Just the Killer Instinct page crashes the app. So I can’t update the game.

I’ve rebooted the computer several times. This problem has existed for days now. I tried different links to the Killer Instinct store page, still crashes everytime.
I do not dare to uninstall the game, because what if I can’t download the game again?
Anyone else with this problem? Any one have a solution?

Regards, Johannes