Need Help/Advice Getting Back Into the Groove of Playing KI

So I’ve been playing KI ever since its PC release here. While I still love the game I found that I’ve become a bit more distant than I’ve been before. While my life schedule may be one factor, I feel like part of this comes from how I’ve been playing KI. I’m not a huge fan of playing against the AI (including Shadow Lords mode, of which I’ve already completed once) and prefer playing against other players. This usually ends with me playing on Ranked, which I sometimes feel like I’ve been saddened about. When I started ranked it only took me a couple days to get up to Gold tier, but I’ve been stuck at Gold ever since and I’ve only managed to get 200 points in it several times before a string of losses knock me back down. My win rate nowadays tends to be about 40-50%, depending on whether I fight Killer/Gold or Silver/Bronze/Qualifier tiers. It’s gotten to the point where, while I play KI on a daily or near-daily basis, I barely play for more than a match or two in ranked, along with the other daily tasks, before quitting. And while I FEEL like I keep learning and improving, it doesn’t translate at all into the actual matches I get into.

So I suppose the question is, is there anything anyone can suggest to help me get back into playing this more often? While Ranked is my favorite mode it’s also become very soul-crushing as I’ve failed to make much progress in it for nearly a year. I’ve debated getting back into Shadow Lab and face shadows but I’ve debated how much that might help improve myself as a player. I’ve been struggling as well to try and reach out to others for sets, partly because the ones I’ve been in so fare are those where me I’ve managed winning only 2 games in a set to 10, tops. So at this junction I’m not really sure what to do and would like any advice, suggestions, or anything else anyone can offer please.

EDIT: I probably should’ve mentioned this in case it was important, but my current main is Riptor right now, with Omen as my side character. And I love playing as both of them.

I am not sure what good this will do for you, but I would be happy to play you in a set whenever you would like. I also know a good amount about each character and could likely give you advice on Omen and Riptor.

Try this thread:

Ask there for a fight, play long sets with members of the community, make friends who can fight you regularly, and enjoy and learn this wonderful game!


Do what @Dayv0 said and add some of the guys that’s in the forums and play some sets add me on Xbox projectboyz06

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Alright, thanks for the suggestions everyone. I’ll see about adding you on Xbox for some sets tonight if I have time. If not I’ll find time tomorrow. I’ll try and chat more on the GGs thread too. I think I posted there in the past but I’ve been away from it for some time. I’ll see about making a comeback. :slight_smile:

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