Need credit card to pay for s3? windows 10

I got 50 euro’s on my paypal which should be enough for the season 3 supreme edition.
But why the hell does it asks for a credit card? i dont even have one.

is there any other way?

I’m not at all surprised MS won’t take paypal.

You can try a brick and mortar store to see if they carry Microsoft Store cards (NOT THE XBOX LIVE CARDS). they definitely exist in the US, all green with the Windows Store logo on them.

Or, along the same lines, get a prepaid visa from a brick and mortar store. sometimes those things don’t play well with online services, but they do work online the vast majority of the time. they work on the google play store, so there’s hope.

Same here, i want to buy the Supreme Edition with Paypal but im forced to add credit card to complete purchase?

I have enough funds on my Paypal so im not sure what the problem is.

Paypal is to only way i can buy this so im kinda disappointed.

Im from EU btw.

just wasted 50 ■■■■■■■ bucks on a gift card finding out it wont even work!!!

the prepaid visa gift cards don’t work?!?

microsoft store gift cards. I have 50 bucks in my microsoft store account…using gift card for ms store.

Why the hell doesnt it accept the ms store currency???

that sounds like an issue for Windows Store customer service. sounds like everything should be in order

anyone tried this?

I think it’s just the MS requirement for accounts to have cards on file. You don’t actually have to use the card it just needs it on file.

so what can i do with that 50 bucks i just wasted lol.

Well not everyone has a creditcard.

Its bad enough we can only buy KI through the windows store. Alot of potential buyers will be cast aside due to the store payment methods.

I’m so sorry guys, i was completly wrong.

The country the store was on was US and im from the EU.

I changed it to my country and now it works.

SO IT DOES WORK. U can use gift card to pay!
Sorry for all the cursing n stuff, have fun playing all!

Oh yeah, i can verify. Payment with ms gift cards work!

Thanks xD