Need a little help with frame data

Hi guys I always thought that I was understanding frame data correctly but I was wrong. I understand most of it like Startup,Active,Recovery and Hit Advantage. The only thing that I don’t understand is block advantage and blockstun. I always thought they were the same.

If someone can enlighten me.

Thank you

Block advantage is when an attack is fast enough that the opponent can not retaliate against it (or at least has a difficult time doing so).
Advantage= Faster than block stun recovery
Safe= About even with block stun recovery
Unsafe= Slow enough that an opponent can punish once they exit block stun

Block Stun is a state your target enters when they block an attack. It’s usually very brief. They cannot attack while still in block stun. However, they also cannot be thrown, and when they’re in block stun an opponent can Shadow Counter you.

Not an expert on frame data, but that’s the jist of it.


Lets say you have a cr.lp that is 5f startup, is 2 frames active and has 3 frames recovery and is +2 on block

If you throw the cr.lp out the blockstun is normally (meaty out of this explanation)) active frames and recovery +/- the advantage/disadvantage.

In this case it would be 2 active frames+ 3frames recovery +2f block advantage = 7f blockstun on a cr.lp. These 7f Frames are always the same even if i meaty the attack.

Would it be -1 on block the blockstun would be 4f. But i could still come out with 0 on block, if i meaty the attack and hit with the second active frame cause the recovery stays at 3f and the blockstun stays at 4f.

Block stun is literally the state your opponent is put into when they block your move (their appropriate hurtbox comes into contact with the hitbox of your move)

It is separate from BlockAdv because your character is also in a state of inaction known as recovery. The BlockAdv is generally how much more or less the block stun of the move is to the recovery of the move post-block.

BlkStun - Recovery = BlockAdv
(The above doesn’t always hold because often recovery frames overlap with a move’s active frames. But it is generally accurate)

In season 2 for example, they are increasing the post-block recovery of Sabrewulf’s running uppercut. But block advantage (-2) remains the same. This is done by increasing block stun in parallel with increasing the recovery. As you can see, BlkStun affects BlockAdv, but it in turn is affected by recovery frames.


Thank you guys problem solved.

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For reference, some interval diagrams:

Plus on block:


Minus on block:


Unsafe on block:


In the last example, the startup and active frames for a punish from the defender are included after the blockstun frames to illustrate that the attacker can be hit during recovery frames. Everything else displayed is a property of the attacker’s move.

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