Need a Connection Strength icon Pre-Match

Because I’m tired of people raging at me for either my crappy connection or theirs. My connection is usually good, but people even get salty about network lag when it occasionally happens. I mean they’re complaining about lag, but they don’t stop to think that I also have to fight in lag. With the icon, I can decide if I’m going to match up against the person or not. I love you. :two_hearts:

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I think a network indicator is a general great idea. Capcom does this and even takes it a step further by giving you search options in their Ranked mode.

Yes. This is one of those things that should exist in ALL games by now.

This feature has been requested since 2014. I highly doubt it will be implemented at this point in time, I mean they barely have resources to keep the game functional and balanced. Some time ago, the ping limit used to be lower and matches would lag out if a certain ping was passed. I believe the original developers had the ping set at 100-150 ms tops. The new developers, Iron Galaxy, increased the ping limit to allow overseas players to find matches.

End result? Ridiculously high pinglimit, and lag switchers ruining online. Now they can flood the connection with packets and cheat the system, without lagging out. There wasn’t even a need for a connection strength bar with the way the netcode used to be. Everything about the game has gone and will keep going downhill from here on out.

Not if the devs are watching.

I hope online gets fixed at 3.8

Ignore the troll.

As far as a connection meter, it’s a great idea on paper. But frankly, I have yet to see it be implemented anywhere where it’s worth a damn. I can’t tell you how many SF matches I’ve started at full five bar awesome connection status only to see it drop to one bar red as soon as the actual match starts. And then many times I will begrudgingly start a three bar connection in many games and it works flawlessly. So yeah, I’m not really seeing this as a needed feature.