Mystery Relative

Okay, so in the S2 forums, the devs said that if there was going to be a S3, which is now confirmed, 1 of the characters was going to be a sibling of 1 of the S2 characters. Hmmm…

Any ideas?

I just wanted to remind you guys of this little tidbit for the fun of guessing. :wink:

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I’m pretty sure that they stated the sibling is NOT related to TJ, Maya, or Riptor. Maybe Cinder, too. I forget.

My guess goes to a relative of Hisako’s. She seems pretty popular, so I’m sure a family member of hers would also be well-received. Hisako is a bit chaotic and revenge driven, so maybe a counter-part that’s calmer and more orderly than her trying to awaken her spirit so they can fight together. What weapon would they use, though?

If not that, then maybe Kan-Ra’s brother/sister, also trying to stop his reign of terror…or, possibly, protecting him from Gargos, since he did kinda open the portal. Gargos must be pretty excited to give Kan-Ra a handshake (read: horrible pummeling).

We def need a Samurai character. Probably the best way to achieve it. I sort of wished it was Omen who would inhabit a Samurai armor and bring it to life if they made him a “real boy.”

Maybe Eagle (Thunder’s brother)?

Season 2 characters. Plus, we need to work out the Fulgore situation first…

I really like the idea of the character being Cinders sibling.

@Sciencejoe, I think you might be on to something actually. What if Kim Wu is the descendant of Hisako? Now, there’s a great thing to go on. :smiley:

Just for the record, Adam said he had an idea for a character like this. It wasn’t actually confirmed they would be included, so they may or may not make it in the game.

Either Hisako, Cinder, or Kan-Ra for that particular case