My xbox profile is completely broken

This is not really KI related , but in saying that my profile is completely broken , in a good way . I had run out of xbox live gold 4 months ago yet despite this I have been able to access all xbox live features ( online , party , ect ) except for games with gold . The only problem with this is that I cannot play 360 games online :< . But I will take that over free xbox live any day . Does anyone else have this , or am I the only one ?

(Completely off topic) I don’t know about games with gold but I know that for some reason no matter where my profile is whether it’s 360 or x1 but I cannot play gears of war 2. I’ve bought the game 6 times and deleted all of my saved data and for some reason the game will always crash on me but if sign out and play on a different account it’ll work great.

Halo 5 its free until tomorrow. You cant play it anymore without disc from tuesday

Darn, you beat me to it! I wanted to tell him! :frowning:

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Aww , good thing I didint sell halo 5 XD

If you have another account on your Xbox with people who have gold then you will also have the gold access. If your family member or any friends have their account on your Xbox you have gold.

The thing is that im the only one with gold on my xbox

It is gamesharing.

If you got a used xbox the original owner never made that one his hime console.

If not then someone at some point logged onto your xbox one that had never logged on to an xbox one previously.