My trip to Ki World Cup

Thank you peeps. For guiding me through the nights I didn’t want to go.

@FallofSeraphs76 @STORM179 @ItzTymeToDul @TempusChaoti @BHswordsman09 @rukizzel @JetstreamDan @FinchoMatic @xSkeletalx

And most of all:

@KevBones10 Since it’s audio only, what I had to say to you:

You were the greatest guy there!


@TheNinjaOstrich @SneerfulWater57

You guys too.


I had the same flight as @DEClimax. I didn’t know it was him at the time and I thought he was just some random guy who came up to say hi. We ended up having around a 3 hour delay right after we got on the plane. Good times lol


Indeed lol


I think we both are on a similar plain when it comes to anxiety with KI. Though I have found comfort with playing friends over online, there are ways to always find the fun in the game within the community. I’m glad you ended up going and having a good time, hopefully next year I can pop in and get bopped by everyone. Even if I know I will never place, I’m more than happy to experience something I never though I would’ve.

Anyways dude, glad you enjoyed the trip!

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So glad you decided to go and hung out with us all day Saturday… you missed our matches though…we were looking everywhere for you!
Had a blast though man… so glad to have met you!


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I need to make it a point to go next year. Would’ve been so great to hang out with you and the rest of the UC Forums Crew!
Though I’ll have to swallow the inevitable disappointment when I find out that you aren’t actually a mandrill :joy:


Thanks everyone for the kind words!

I’d love to go as well at some point. But i live in Northern Ireland and have to convince the powers that be (other half) that i need to go.

It looks like great comaradarie between everyone

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