My TJ is baaaad!

I’m by no means any good at this game, with most characters I’m mediocre but with TJ just terrible. Never played much ranked until recently when I decided to get the Battle Worn achievements.

Ran through season 1 characters no issue, they even got me to gold, but TJ has been a nightmare. At first I thought it was through playing other hold and killer ranks all the time so I requalified, but no just as bad against button mashers. He feels so different to all other characters.

Getting in at ppl seems to be a real issue, I know you can dummy a powerline into many different attacks but I always end up flat on my face.

Spent ages in training and hit some decent combos and juggles, but in a real match up I just cannot get in.

Is it just that he’s my achillies heel, or do I just need to git gud? Or am I missing something?

It’s both I would guess but from my experience with playing every character is that if you want to git gud you have to put time into it. For example, I was and still kind of am terrible with kan-ra. I couldn’t use the guy for ■■■■, though through patience and getting my ■■■ beat by other kan players and AI I learned how to use him. Just the other day I beat a pro star player with him and got a supreme victory, I then proceeded to get wrecked several times. Long story short play strictly offline or with a friend before you touch online with a character you’re not used to.

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I much prefer the Baptism by Fire approach. My friends aint that good and the AI is meh so I find myself picking up too many bad habits this way.

In any event managed to get the achievement eventually, ran into a slew of qualifiers using lvl1 Mira’s (Free Character) so made the most of that.

Now onto Maya.

Lol I was just trying to spare you from the same fires that I went through. Anyway if you ever need someone to practice with hmu my GT is REYNOSO FUA11. If I’m not busy I’ll be more than willing to help you out.