My thoughts on Shadow Lords Beta

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First of all, thanks for giving me access to the beta, this is for all of you <3 <3 <3 xD

After that, i’m sorry for giving my feedback this late, but i was reeeeally addicted by the mode. Really. You wanted to make a mode that made people play again and again and again and you really did it. So, first of all, congratulations on making something so new and refreshing and making it good.
Here they come the negative feedback. There are just a few little things. First of all, as problaby you are all guessing, english isn’t my mother tongue: i’m spanish. Probably this will be fixed for the complete experience, but there is sometimes some errors like after all the text displayed, there is something like /t /t, some kind of script that leaked into the same text. I saw this into some description of some collectables, but i suposse you are aware of this and probably will get fixed in the gold shadow lord.
Another little thing that i found is some Riptor text completely in English, the one that says when she talks to a cinder.
And after this, i would like to make some suggestions. The first of all is probably something that can be either something good or bad: Is too easy too obtain items and after lots of playthroughs, i prefer to buy packs of guardians and replace the ones that are completely used with new ones that replenishing the old ones. I don’t know if this is your intention, but i needed to say it. I have so many items that i don’t use (like the fingers… which i will talk of them now.
The fingers for raising the corruption are useless. You can simply skip your turn a few days, you will replenish your health for free and raise the corruption for free. I think the finger of…( Gar’nok? I don’t remember the name) should make something more, like making all the chests bigger for that day, or make skeleton chest more probable to appear, just to make something more than just raising all corruption that you can make for free just skipping the turn.
The last thing i will like to talk is about something that happened to me twice. It’s about the fight against Gargos. I really recommend to, after an ultra is made, that all the buffs are disabled. Why? Well… the heart of Gargos can make Gargos resurrect AFTER an ultra if there are still minions there. After finishing the ultra, the fat shark hit me and made gargos gain life, resurrecting after the ultra. Yeah, that made it strangely epic and badass, but i don’t think it was intended, so i report this as a bug. The first time i even have dropped my controller…

After all of this… <3 u guys, and <3ing shadow lords.

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