My suggestions for 3.7 Maya

Another complete rework…? Let’s find out.

• Light dagger and jumping light dagger flip out
If you don’t have temperance, you lose the option to flip out.

• Mantis can now be used as a opener and a command grab. If you have both daggers the J. dHP Will be a mantis command grab. If you only have 1 dagger J. dHp becomes an opener. Only on neutral jump and jumping forward.

• Charges on daggers


Charge 1: Hold down on light dagger to get its charges released, for example jumping and holding down light punch makes the dagger bounce.

Charge 2: hold down on light dagger to get its charge released, for example tossing light dagger while holding down the button makes the light dagger target the opponent.


Charge 1:

Holding down dark dagger makes the dagger go through projectiles, useful when following up with another dagger toss.
Charge 2:

Holding down dark dagger makes the dagger unblockable.

• Maya losses the option of throwing the daggers combined so bye bye to homing unblockable. I’m stuck right here, I know I said loses the option of throwing both daggers but how else could this work?

Any changes or ideas? Something you hate, something you like? Let me know.

I think you should rename the title of your thread it’s a bit confusing. When I scrolled by and saw It i thought the patch notes for 3.7 were out.

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Honestly, I’d pass on most, if not all that. The full-pip dagger throw is too interesting to do away with, she doesn’t need a flipout despite how much fun the mechanic is. If she were to be awarded a flipout, definitely not affixed to a projectile, that’s insane. Maybe affixed to LP, but not the dagger toss…

Maybe adjusting the damage or KV scaling after full-pip dagger so it doesn’t hurt so bad?

What about adjusting the advantage on daggers, possibly relative to their pips? Unpipped, -2. One pip, 0. Two pips, +2. This way, you don’t get frametraps w/o charge, and to throw the unblockable you’ve got to trade-off a mighty pressure option. Could be interesting.

Being able to surge individual daggers to spend their pips independantly could be cool, especially for L.Dagger, but that would give her relatively frequent access to an unblockable fireball that is also an easy confirm, which I think would be infinitely more annoying than full-pip into juggle. Better to leave them as they are.

I don’t like any of the suggested changes to Mantis. It’s already a command grab, and minus one dagger it already is an opener. Losing a dagger fully disables the HP button (well, it becomes HK), which makes dagger responsibility a meaningful element of Maya play. I don’t like the idea of softening that in any way.

Really though, I like Maya as is. I’m just talking for the sake of conversation.

Maya doesn’t need another rework. Maybe some adjustments here and there, for better or worse, but nothing drastic.


I didn’t say light dagger toss was flip out. I said light punch and jumping light punch could be a flip out. And yes I am a Maya main I am fully aware mantis is already a command grab. And you’re right when you lose one dagger it would work the same because just like you said… it would be hKick not heavy punch. Dagger assault is crap… well it’s okay I use it most of the time, I just think it should have a more damage. Have her damage ender change to a meter ender, and have dagger assault be her new damage ender.

Daggers should also have chip damage.

The only thing I really want to see is an individual dagger charge releases. They could make it work. They could even keep the homing unblockable. But the individual throws would be sick and bring back some Maya hype. Because for some reason everyone looks down on her, they sleep on her. Pink diamond and Amenty have great Maya’s… but that’s it, I don’t see anyone else using her. I mean yeah sleep used her once and we have Cupcake. But I wanna see more Maya mains. I would like to see what they would say about JUST the individual dagger pip spends

Imagine if Maya had a wallsplat.

You wallsplat the opponent with a heavy kick than DP to put him in the air…

My bad, your phrasing had confused me.

Again, your phrasing had confused me. So we are on the same page then.

Yeah, honestly the only change I really support is adjusting DA Ender. Lots of good ideas thrown around in it’s many threads.

I can’t speak for the top-level Maya’s (of whom there are plenty) but I really think the unblockable for 2-pips would be brokenly good. There’s a bunch of talk about how she’s inherently broken for being rewarded for the opponent blocking anyway, making that reward come half as soon would elicit many a cry of “braindead”.

I actually had an idea of a wallsplat but I already had too many ideas in this thread

The ender would Go something like this heavy punch dagger dagger roll into drop kick. But then… the drop kick probably would look awkward for wallsplat or maybe medium kick the 2 hitter.