My response to VXXXX, CableJFlame454, ENdragon83, Raven Manuel, Nitric Zenith and many others

applauds you all Congrats for utterly getting rid of these guys. People like them do not belong in a forum where people love a game known as Killer Instinct. Any type of toxicity should NEVER be accepted. While they may have proven some valid good points regarding any issues they have, they chose the incorrect way of reporting any issues. and they helped advertise the game anyway as they all still play it at times Lets think about this for a sec folks. Killer Instinct as a FREE 2 PLAY game was a huge success with over 7+ milliion logins. While most of the content was not bought by its own community, this game has proven that F2P model games, do succeed. Now to clear up a couple of things that I have been seeing in this forum:

  1. The KI cult is a publicity stunt. There is no cult. They just didn’t read the rules.
  2. With a company like Microsoft and Iron Galaxy Studios, any issues that they have had, they should have just stated whatever their problems were in a civilized and professional matter. Sadly, they used trolling attempts and tried to act like Indie wrestling stars with face and heel turns. gotta love the WWE, even if y’all don’t
    Greetings everyone at Microsoft and IGS:
    My gamertag is ********
    I am happy or not happy with this product because and without attacking, trolling or what not
    list of issues and concerns
    I do understand that you can only do what you can do whatever your budget is and the amount of resources that you all are given. ends with a salutation and then let the company and the fans state however they feel
    Personally, if I have dealt with somebody immature that is not the guys that I listed above, I would have just stated "I understand. Thanks for playing Killer Instinct. Let this game continue to get more support like Street Fighter V’s multiple season passes*

Simple and easy.
3. Killer Instinct is NOT dead. I still see pepole stream, talk, debate, rant or whatever about this game. All this shows is that pepole still have an interest in the product.
4. This game has received more publicity among fans than I have ever seen in any other fighting game to date.
5. The LGBTQ community and certain pieces of artwork is a freedom of expression. I am happy to see that nobody can be silenced on this forum for posting anything that is not of ■■■ rated material of course.
6. There is a lack of engagement regarding Killer Instinct. This game still has a chance to rise from the ashes. Season 4 should be a thing or a new Killer Instinct game should be in the works. Instead, you all are talking about other games that is fine but on a Killer Instinct forum site, we should be focusing on keeping this game alive. The hype may be dead but the game was NOT a failure by any means. 10,000 copies sold of the definitve edition of Killer Instinct is fantastic! Do the math! :wink:
7. I am happy to announce that VXXXX aka Code is no more. I do admire his fight and drive for wanting more in Killer Instinct. His approach was just all wrong. I had to talk to him, repackage him and now…he wants to see Killer Instinct come back again.
8. Microtransactions, lootboxes, DLC and season passes in fighting games are the norm now. Why? Because it is in many other video games and these companies make TONS of cash off of them. Even from those who rant and rage about it online. It just entices people to want to support it more. Kind of like how people boo Roman Reigns and John Cena. Eventually, they give in and just accept it.
9. Just like Fighting EX Layer, Killer Instinct needs to make special appearances in other video games. Think about it. Fulgore in Mortal Kombat 11 for the Xbox and Windows 10 versions of the game? Fulgore is one of the most popular fighting game characters in history next to many others! So we should push for Killer Instinct to appear in other games as guest characters. Microsoft would love that! Xbox fans would love that!
10. Now that all the trolls who help promote this game by just talking about it and what not are gone from this forum, we can all get back to business. So what do you all say? Wanna see Killer Instinct come back to the next generation of consoles? :wink: All y’all have to do is just convince people to buy multiple versions of the game, support the DLC, microtransactions and etc. It will be easy. Oh and the Killer Instinct fan drama is dead. That is a plus.

Welp. I will make myself acquainted here and get to know some people. FIGHT ON and remember. Talk about other fighting games BUT make sure you all talk about a Killer Instinct character guest staring in one of them. If Negan and Noctis can be in Tekken 7, then anybody can. :wink:


#KillerInstinct #FEXL

Hi Code, just to let you know I was never “gotten rid of” nice attempt at trolling, however.


Ah, I thought that IP looked familiar. Off you go.