My redesign for a Guest Character

i know i know, its just a dream :heart_eyes:

I was in love with her from the first game there on NGC.
To this day I hope to see her again in a new and good game!


She Has My Vote. :heart_eyes:

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I never played the old Bloodrayne games, but I do admit the design gives her style. I think it has potential, but it probably won’t happen because IG can probably only have guest characters that either IG or MS has the rights to the Intellectual Property or franchise. I don’t think Rayne is on that list.

But it’s good work regardless of that sentiment.

There is one thing that bothers me though, and it’s bothered me with Orchid as well. I just don’t find high heels as combat practical is all.

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I doubt it will happen but damn that’s sexxy :heart_eyes:

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I have no doubt, I’m sure. It will never happen :stuck_out_tongue:
I only like to imagine how it would look :wink:
But it will never happen.

About high heels, we’re talking about video games and absurd !! Probably just walk with this high heels, it is a challenge

Well, the bigger the surface area the heel covers, not to mention a more sturdy material the heel is made of, and it could be practical, maybe. I could see how Bayonetta’s heels COULD be plausible, but the tiny stiletto point heels seem like they would break or turn her ankles left and right.

While I do realize this is all video games and fantasy, it’s just a design thing that bothers me. To each his own. I didn’t say it doesn’t look cool, but even in the realm of fantasy, I just can’t bring myself to believe in combat high heels, or armor that barely covers for that matter. Of course, that’s just my perspective, and I do like the overall design. It’s seems like he’s preserving the source material of the character while making changes that stand her apart from previous experiences.

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Oh wow, I wish this was true.
It’s been ages since we’ve had a proper Bloodrayne game, be nice to see her back in action, I think she’d fit in well with the KI cast.
Great artwork as well, she looks cool !

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