My personal (scrubby) Rash Matchup Chart

This is obviously my personal opinion and it’s open to debate.
I tried to study every match the maximum that i could before creating this chart instead of letting my personal opinions as a Rash main count.

Alhought i honestly think that this chart is quite fair, there’s some matchup’s that i think that deserve an deeper explanation of the reasons why i considered like that:

Vs Sadira - In a nutshell, as an aerial Rushdwon archetype, Sadira shines in the air and struggles in the ground. The point is, that Rash has tools to easily take her out of the air and put she on the ground. Tools like the tongue or the ball can easily defeat almost any thing that Sadira can do in the air, stuffing her offense and forcing she stay grounded to don’t take any risks. Once she is in that position, she is forced to battle an opponent who have both normals and specials betters tha her, which is a true struggle. Being able to take an opponent out of his/her confort zone and keep him/her playing a game that he cannot play bery well it’s a big advantage in my opinion. Thats why i believe that it’s Rash best matchup in the game.

Vs Eyedol: This is kinda hard to judge but i believe that vs the warrior, it’s 5-5, but against the Mage is 6-4 for the Toad. Reason is that Rash can easily beat Eyedol zonning with the tools that he has. Also the Mage poor wake up and big hitboxes give Rash an opportuniy to make some combos that he cannot do in most of the cast (as Menzo showed us last year against Jackal Eyedol). This factors make the fight pretty hard for Eyedol until he switches back to Warrior form.

Vs Gargos: Rash has a consistent answer for everything that Gargos can thrown at him. Gargos cannot fly in this match without the risk of being hit by a tongue that can lead to a full juggle. Gargos also suffers to zone Rash, since the toad has very good mobility and can easily approuch him. Also minions can give easy meter for Rash once they are on play. Not to mention a big hitbox and a horrible wake up game, that can let Rash pressure Gargos with absolute no respect. Very hard for Gargos.

Vs Orchid: Boot beats every single special of Orchid, forcing her to play footsies and neutral against Rash, However Rasg has better buttons (imo) and much more mobility, which gives him an advantage when the fightes takes that direction. It’s not impossible, but i honestly think that Rash has an easier time fighting Orchid instead of the oppositive

The 6-4 section: Yes, i came to believe that Rash has no bad matchup’s at all. I personally find Tusk, Cinder and Omen very annoying and can seriosly stuff most of Rash offensive game, forcing him to play a more slow paced match against them, but i don’t think that this is enough to serve as a reason to call a bad matchup, since Rash can still be very dangerous in a more slow paced match too.

That’s all.

Thanks in advance for all the comments.

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Would you mind telling me why you put Eagle on 6-4. I always thought it was 5.5-4.5. at the least.

Here the 3 main reasons in my opinion:

1- Rash has much better buttons and can control much more the neutral game than Eagle. Try to play footsies with Rash as Eagle is kinda suicidal.

2- Rash has a very opressive aerial Rushdowm, and Eagle has a very poor wake up game with almost no tools to deal with a rushdown coming form that angle. Deal with Rash pressure can be really hard for him

3- Zonning (one of Eagle strenghs) is out of question. Rash has absurd mobility and can easily bypass any zonner in the game. Plus, Rash can eat arrows and make they disappear for the rest of the fight, which can weaken both the zonning and the Rushdown of Eagle.

Also, not only Rash has those advantages over Eagle, but also hits harder and have much more mobility (not that this by itself can be reason enough to justify a bad matchup, but together with all the rest, it makes Eagle situation even more difficult)


While I think Rash-Wulf is a 5-5 (maybe 5.5 to Wulf) a person close to me and other Rash players I’ve seen and read in twitch consider it to be 6-4 in Wulf’s favor.

If I think about it, Wulf can deal with Rash just fine. And Rash can be annoying no doubt. But If I wasn’t caught by his cross ups and annoying juggles it would be a lot easier. Tbh his st.HK is the normal that gives me problems in the ground, but I can deal with his other buttons with no big issues. I don’t think Sabrewulf loses this MU. But not that I care much if he wins it by far. I see many Rash players struggling with him.
Rash is strong in the corner too, but just like Wulf, he doesn’t have the best wake up (apart from shadow boot, which can be avoided with Wulf’s dash through with a read and they get the wrong shadow).
is the juggle game that usually gives me trouble, and his corner carry is extremelly good. Then it’s all tongue and mix ups.
Still annoying to fight, nonetheless I feel really comfortable with Sabrewulf’s buttons.

Its annoying as f… You cannot go crazy jumping without the risk of taking a eclipse in your face. Also, since Rash has a poor wake up game once wulf gets a hdk while you are meterless you are forced to eat mix up after mix up.

However, Rash has better mobility, better instinct, hits a little harder, and every attempt of Wulf to do his run can be answered with a boot that hits in counter and leads to a full juggle. Because of that i really think that even being stuffed to his buttons Wulf still has not enough to be considered a winner in the matchup.

You think Rash/Kilgore is a even matchup? I think Kilgore is one of the characters that can answer to Rash’s strengths. Bullets and missiles can annoy his lateral and aerial approaches, Metal Ball is just as oppressive and tricky to deal with as Wrecking Ball, the overheated ‘teleport’ knocks Rash back into his zoning toolkit, and the Heavy DP is a answer to a lot of Rash’s from-a-distance meaty attempts with how far it can go laterally and be invincible. On top of all that, he can exhaust cancel to catch Rash doing something they feel like they can punish.

Granted, i’m not a Rash player but i feel like that’s a lot of answers to Rash’s strengths even when Rash can be tricky up close, move nearly as he pleases and plays the juggle combo game as good as the grounded combo game.

Rash doesn’t beat aganos. That mu is all about who can play footsies better. Aganos being able to negate rash’s instinct is also a major factor. Also youre not a scrub.

Well my reasons are that that Rash heavies are very good in this MU. He can open a chunked Aganos from a distance where he will be safe from hits plus pokes. Also if he manage to remove all chunks Aganos will struggle against his pressure, especially if he comes from the air, an angle where Aganos don’t have many tools to deal with pressure. Also Aganos big hitbox leads to some exclusive combos. In general a fell very confortable having to deal with Aganos playing Rash, even if he has chunks and meter to use his best weapons.

His heavies are good. But aganos can handle them just like he can any other character with good heavies. There are characters with good heavies that aganos dominates( thunder, orchid, arbiter etc). If you’re attacking me from the air I just sacrifice armor to punish you. And if I have meter that’s a very big punish . And I know the combos you’re talking about as rash can do them to any big body. What you said is true. If he does remove armor aganos can have a hard time. Rash doesn’t really remove armor that easy as much as he bypasses it. Aganos has some advantages that Others don’t vs rash. Rash can’t make certain things safe vs him with the bikes like he can other characters. And if aganos is on rash he’s going to kill rash faster than rash will kill him. And again being able to take rash’s instinct out of play is a big thing. If aganos has enough armor he also has multiple ways to beat out rash’s one wake up option. To this day I’ve only lost to one rash player in a set. That being mello and it was very close. My sets with gnarly and runex were also always close. Though rash does well. He’s not one of the characters that does beat aganos. Only 4 characters do beat him.

I still think that this arguments serve more as a proof that Killgore is a very powerfull char than that he wins this mu.
Kilgore zonning although the best in the game (and probably the only one who can keep Rash at distance) is limited. Otherwise you have to spend lots of meters to keep Rash away, which don’t let Kilgore apply his other fenomenal tools.
The dp can be baited, which is kinda an universal paradox when we are talking about dealing with Rash aerial Rushdown.
Other than this factors, i believe that Rash has tons of advantagens over Kilgore too.
For example, Kilgore can’t compete with Rash footsies or normals, it’s a battle of one of the bests toolkits of normals against one of the worsts. Also the toad hits much harder, and have much better mobility
Not that this advantages can affect Kilgore a ina different way that affect most matches, but still counts for a solid 5-5