My own KI novella hardcover book

I have edited an compiled all KI novella’s chapters and I will print them into my own hard cover book. I have finished the editing now, and will contact a retailer to make my own physical edition. I am still thinking about which Image should I put on the cover.

For now I’ll show you the finished document that will serve as a template. I have added the writer bios, some color images to serve as first page (the hardcover will be apart)

I have downloaded the Kinifed font for the titles and a nice one called Trade Gothic for the text.

I think since this book is short, I’ll make it less than dinA-4 format. Probably a pocket one.

I will not share the full document because this is made for personal use. If anybody is interested in their own printable version, PM.

When it’s printed and covered I will post the full result.

Stay tuned!


WOW!!! Id be interested in a printable version! Hells yeah!

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And this for the hard cover, I can’t wait to see it finished

I hope it won’t be very expensive!


All the pics arent showing anymore?

I see them all, they’re on Imgur so they should be fine.

NVM they are back…must have been my lap top didnt DL them or something lol

SO you going to print this out at a local print shop or is there a place you can have a book/ hard cover made?

There’s several shops where I can have this made as a hard cover. I expect it will cost me between 50 and 100 dollars.

huh…never seen a shop that would do that. Online or local where you live? If on line do you have a link or a search word I could look up?
What a great Idea dude… good job!

I live in Spain so I have several shops near home.

For online bookbinding, try this:

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DAYUM! Awesome work you got there! :smiley:

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Is that one with Gargos on the cover real or fan made??

I did it. Amusingly I did it 100% in… Microsoft Word. It’s amazing what you can do with images with it. I didn’t even need Fotoshop.

And here’s an extra cover I did. This one will be the extra cover to wrap the book. I’ll print it in glossy photo paper. I designed it with an A5 standard in mind. It has flaps that will reach around the hardcover

I have already ordered the full novella print, it cost me 55 dollars. I’ll post pics when they ship it to me.


Looks great. You have a good eye.


it’s here!!!

nice glossy finish on a hardcover, very nice to touch

Nice back cover, I made a mistake because it’s Ori and the blind forest instead of the magical forest, but oh well it was too late lol

The size is just perfect, 5’5x8’5 for americans 14’8x21’9 in europe

the power in my hands lol

Many thanks to doxdirect UK for being sooo quick!!!


WOW!!! Does my file say Ori and the Blind forest? lol…I need to check… Im going to up load tonight.
Man that looks good! I cant wait!

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I’m afraid not lol

How did you do that? Copy and paste? Owell… its still looks amazing! Gives it a little character lol

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And now the final touch… the extra deluxe cover!

This one was cheaper than I thought, din a 3 sheet cost me 2 dollars full color… not bad hehe


My God…this is amazing.

The only book I would WANT to read