My new Eyedol interpretation

“lord of war” Eyedol…


This is interesting. It would be pretty unique gameplay if he never turned around - just having different movesets depending on which way he was facing…


Exactly! other territories have already been explored with ARIA, it would be fair to other possibilities to other fighters.

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I like your idea but i wouldnt use eyedol for that.

OP i like your other Eyedol much more.

WOW! I dont even know what to say lol!

Very interesting!

Adam Isgreen in one of his past comments, he spoke of his vision of Eyedol as a “Janus-esque”

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That wasn’t exactly true, they said they didn’t know what to do with Eyedol and they might do something like Janus but that was before he posted in our massive thread where he was reminded that the community wants him to have two heads.

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the clothes are a bit too much, I think he should keep the beastial look some more, but this is a good start. It’s a neat way of enhancin Eyedol’s look a bit.

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Woah! Gnarly, dude! Looks like something you’d see on a death metal album cover (which is always a good thing)
I sure hope that @TempusChaoti and @TheKeits get a look at this.


Neato. Not bad, not bad at all too

I like the gameplay concept of playing differrently dependent on facing - it sounds like a trip!

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I like it , it’s a new take with interesting gameplay possibilities. Great artwork as well!

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I’m interested in the weird mutant thing but I’m not a fan of having the heads facing opposite directions.

He looks like he’d have a ■■■■■ of a time just walking…how would that work with your knees bending in different directions? :confused:

As a practical (gameplay) matter, having a character who plays differently depending on what direction he’s facing would mean that characters like Sadira, and especially Wulf, would essentially get veto power over what moveset he’s allowed access to. Not the most ideal of circumstances for a player to have to deal with.

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How the ■■■■ are you supposed to animate that thing lol! If I had to animate that monstrosity I’d kill myself.

currently as an amateur animator I’d give i a shot anyway : p

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