My name is Kim Wu, how do i fight you?

Please allow me to say that about a good ‘chunk’ of your normal buttons outrange mine…and thats just for starters. I wanna say Aganos has two buttons and a special (the helicopter looking move) that beat standing med punch in range. Maybe standiing hvy kick

Theyre safe a lot of the time to get chunks in neutral if they have one chunk prior to. Unless theyre within a dash or two to grab, or i commit meter for a shadow flip kick, or flying kick (which can be punished so hard…) that move is free.

This character almost forces me to use instinct dragons for projectiles over cancels, which is never a awesome idea to me.

Playing up close works to both characters strenghts but his is more forgiving of a mistake. Fishing for a hit can lead to getting busted for at least 20% and a chunk.

With all that being said, on her end, pressuring a chunkless Aganos can lead to goood satisfying damage. i feel like when neither character has resources, its a closer matchup that still favors the golem. Easily sadly.

No character is unbeatable so how does a Kim Wu fight this one. Besides punishing a few whiffs…

Pressure pressure pressure. You have at least 2 chances each match to get in on him for free. Use this as an opportunity to bypass the range on his normals. Your heavies are faster than his normals are even if he is chunkless. Poke with HP and HK as often as you can.

One thing not to do in this matchup is jump from fullscreen, it’s just begging for the Aganos to anti-air you through a wall.

Other than that, you just gotta play patient against him like how you would any other zoner. The only credible threat he has fullscreen is either sweep or peacemaker target combos. Up close his best option is his Cl.MP (overhead) which is punishable if not cancelled or shadow counter bait since he’ll cancel into either a projectile chunk or his Pulverizer (spinning lariat). My general advice would be to:

  • crouch if you’re more than a character’s length away and anti air his jumpins or whiff punish his stand hard punch
  • stand block if you’re in throw range so that way his best tool (overhead) is nullified up close