My list of ideas and suggestions for Rash

Rash Improvements/ideas

•Back dash needs to go a tiny bit farther backwards
•Speed up recovery for light big bad boot
•Light big bad boot should cause a short pop up instead of tossing opponent away
•Wrecking ball ender after a shadow Wrecking ball
•Jumping light kick turns knee into an axe
•Heavy punch ender (Rash bash) F,D,B heavy punch (level 4 ender)
(Consist of 3 punches following rash bash ending with Big bad boot)
•Light kick recapture timing needs to be adjusted too difficult to connect after heavy “big bad boot”
•Shadow big bad boot should not follow up after doing “battlemaniac” into auto shadow battering ram automatically (it wastes meter) also I’m new here so go easy on me! :smile: what do y’all think?

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