My Latest attempt to make Ultras look Nicer

Only effect i know to do is lensflare, But in vegas i tried to stretch out when the hits land to make it last a bit longer but hoping in giving it a feeling more impact.


Looks pretty cool, I also like the slowed video in key points, makes it look like those hits pack a hard hit. The glare is a bit excessive though, it takes some getting used to because the intensity.

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Cheers, Yeah to be honest i would much rather have a over the top hit effect like with Killer instinct 2 rather then lens flare

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I like the slowmotion ala Killer Instinct 2 however I’m not a fan of len flares used too much.

Jago’s initial Ultra was actually slower than it is now, but as with anything involved with Ultras everyone complained about KI not being Street Fighter and just move on to the next match, so they sped it up so it wouldn’t last as long.

Awesome and very cool too :grin: